Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Musical Motorcycle Montage

Well, it really is no secret by now how badly I want my own bike. Over the past few months I have been trying a lot of bikes on for size. I think this makes me an informed consumer, Dave says "Yeah, either that or you're just a bike whore." Hey thanks babe! I know he loves me and that is the only reason he is still breathing right now. LOL.

Please enjoy my musical motorcycle montage. I would love to hear from you on which one I look best on, and see if you can guess which one is my favorite!

If the pics are too small to see, you can click on "view all images" and watch it bigger, but if you do that just make sure when it comes up to click on "original view" so you can get the whole effect. :)
Oh yeah, and there is music! Just click the little speaker. :)


Mastercheif said...

I'm thinking the 09 Street Glide for you. You look pretty hot on it! Good luck, and hope you can take one home soon.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Damn girl! You look good on all of em! (There's just something about a good-looking woman on her own bike that makes my juices start pumping!)

I think you should get the '09 Glide and watch Dave turn about 12 shades of green!

"Joker" said...

I think you look awesome on the Nightster. BUT, I think that has a lot to do with the color scheme. I especially enjoyed the shot from the back ;)~~

You also looked great on all the other bikes and yes, the '09 Street Glide too. All that said, I think the Dyna Fat Bob is THE bike for you. I thought you looked great on it. Was it your fave I hope? If it felt a reach for your legs, go Dyna Low. You'd look just as good on one of those.

Take it from a guy who rides a Sporty. The 1200 is a great bike for the money. The only reason I went with it is at the time I only had 8 grand to spend. If you can afford the Dyna, GET IT. Believe me, it does not take long before you get tired of even a 1200 Sporty and want more of a bike under you, especially on the highway (sorry, freeway) or on windy days.

Even though I have a Mustang seat and it's a great seat, every time I hit a bump I'm reminded I'm on a Sportster. Bear that in mind! The stock seat on the Sporty SUCKS! A Mustang or Corbin will run you up over $400! No matter how you jazz one up, it's still a bar-hopper, not a road bike. I'm planning on taking lots of Gold Bond and Prep H with me when I ride that ass-buster to Milwaukee.

Have fun Harley shopping. I can't wait to see what you end up with.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the Fat Bob, but decided that I didn't want any parts of a bike with the word "Fat" in its name!

You look very comfortable on the Nightster.

You look HOT on the Big Dog....watchout Joker, I might have to get into the act with BB if she gets that bike!!! ;-)

Conclusion: I'm with Dean & Masterchief--you should definitely go with the '09 Street Glide!! (bike whore?...ppffffttt!)

Ann said...

You look great on all of them. I love the Fat Bob and the old Pan, but you look best on the Nightster. It looks like it fit you the best...and what were you doing on that slutty '09 Street Glide??? Dave will die if you get that!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I liked them all, and you looked good on all of them. What you get should be determined only by you. Factors to consider... Realisticly, how long do you want to keep your first bike. How much do you want to spend. What kind of riding will you do, and how often will you do each kind of riding. Who will you ride with. What do they ride. (Not that that matters for fitting in, but it does for keeping up).

B.B. said...

First of all, let me just say I am F-ing pissed off!!!! I just sat here and wrote this big ass freaking comment with responses to all of you, and it disapeared! WTF?
Okay, I feel better.

Now this will be a shorter version!

Thanks all!
Street Glide- As much as I love Dave's (for him) and as much as I would love to make him cry by bringing home the '09, it isn't me. Feels way too bulky!

Pan Head- Love it, just not for me.

Big Dog- As exciting as Mrs. R.'s comment was....I love the bike, but don't see myself with it.

Nightster- I love the color, it fits good, it's me....but there is just something that doesn't feel right about it.

Fat Bob- My favorite! I love it. I love everything about it! I even love the name! ;) This has become the bike I really want to see parked in Dave's garage (I don't have a garage). Only problem is he might try to ride it.

Sportster- Joker all the things you mentioned are reasons why I have decided against it. Also when I have asked about trading it in if I wanted to in a year...not good.

Money- This may not be a good thing, but I figure if I have to finance it, why not just go for it!

Kind of riding- same as Dave, probably will always be with Dave when I ride. Some short trips, some long trips, some stange trips. lol.

Who I ride with- they all have big bikes with lots of umph...but hopefully they wouldn't leave me behind anyways. :)

I know that it really is about what fits for me, and I had even prepared myself for the fact that the best bike for me may not be the one I like the looks of the best, but that was before Fat B came into the picture!

My last comment was much better, but I think this got the jist of it. :)

Ann said...

Yeah, I really liked the Fat Bob...what a cool bike. You get what you're most comfortble with, physically and financially. That's why I'll be riding an '84 Ironhead Sporty for my first bike. I can't wait til it's done! :)

Anonymous said...

The Fat Bob really does fit you well. And if I were you I wouldn't bother with getting a Sporty to begin with because I know that you will be riding with a group with much bigger bikes and you would never be able keep up. You'd run the poor little thing into the ground in no time and be begging for something bigger.

If you can afford the bigger bike, go for it. I just got my first real taste of riding my new Dyna, and it truly is easier to handle than the little bikes. So don't let the size scare you into thinking you might not be able to handle it.

Go for it, girl!

Mimi said...

I gotta go with the Fat Bob. You look great on it! I also LOVE the Nightster (since that's my ride) They both fit you well. Great pics.

B.B. said...

Ann- I can't wait for your bike to be done too! I'm looking forward to reading about you out on the road. :) And since Big D. is working on it, I bet it will be beautiful!

Mrs. RC- I love your new baby! So happy for you! As far as the bike I can afford..well, I'm still working on it. LOL. But even if it means waiting a little bit longer, at least I'll know I'm getting what I want.

Mimi- Thanks, glad you enjoyed the pics. I really do like the nightster, and I can't quite figure out what didn't feel right about it for me, but the Fat Bob just feels perfect. :)

FLHX_Dave said...

I think you look best riding me! Hmmmm....well, since that is not what is in question at the moment, I guess I will have to say, The FAT BOB looks best. Mainly because it's so phat it makes you look skinny. lol

It has the big v-twin, love that fat front tire and the gatlin pipes. You could ride that on long distance trips without too much problem. It's not much more than a sporty. Yep, Fat Bob, but you really need to get what you want. If you are going to spend the money you better be completely happy with it. This is where taking your time is giving you an advantage.

B.B. said...

Dave- It makes me LOOK skinny? Whatever! :) Oh, BTW, thanks for stopping by, you don't read my posts very much anymore! :(

-Connie said...

I love the Fat Bob and the Nightster!! Have you decided which one you're going to go with?

Anonymous said...

After haggling a GREAT deal on my Super Glide, now Jay says that I ride so well on it that he would pay twice what we did for it just because he feels like he doesn't have to worry about me being thrown off the road by a speck of dust anymore!! And let me just tell ya...the comments that I have gotten (riding a big-twin) in the past 3 days have been overwhelmingly awesome! (and I'm not just talking about my friends at the HOG chapter picnic today...I mean people rolling down their windows in 90-degree heat to call out to me "THAT's what I'm talking about!!! And I'm not kidding, girl!!!")

B.B. said...

Connie- Hi, I have been wondering about you!

Update for everyone-- Well, yesterday I went with Dave to our local HD dealership, and we had the finance guy run some numbers. And I think, I have decided on a bike.....Dyna Super Glide. After putting it side by side with the Fat Bob and jumping off one and one the other, I just really decided that I feel more comfortable on the Super Glide. And as far as looks, there are somethings I like better on it, but still somethings I like better on the Bob. Where cost is concerned, I can get a '09 Super Glide cheaper than an '08 Fat Bob. I hadn't intended on getting an '09, but it may happen. So I am really at the climax of the story right here. I am trying to figure out if I can REALLY do this....I'm gonna make it work. Wow, I should have just made this it's own post huh? :) I'll keep you all updated on it.

"Joker" said...

Uh...huh ha...uh...she said "climax," huh ha, huh ha...

-Connie said...

hahahaha. I was thinking the same thing Joker!!

B.B. said...

Joker & Connie- Well, there are similarities. You know that frustration when you're almost there, but for some reason you lose it? Yeah, that's how I feel.

Lady R (Di) said...

Ride what fits you best, that's what I say. I will waiting to hear what you do!

IHG said...

I love the Nightster too but it seems like it would be too small. The Fat Bob is a great looking bike! Just get it BB! :) I saw the funniest motorcycle plate a couple weeks ago on a Fatboy. It said...FatSow! LMAO! :)

Kathleen Jennette said...

You look good on all of them. Its how you feel on any of them that counts. You already know you can customize any of them to fit you. So as a woman rider to another: Feel it. Determine the ride you want and how you will ride it. Now get nasty and put the dead presidents down and buy one! Hope to see you on the road soon!