Monday, July 28, 2008

A Saturday with no plan: Pictures

Here are just a few pics from Saturday, I'm saving the rest for a special post!

Dave's new badge (he wishes)

Dave's idea of a wedding ring!

Just for Joker!

Me and Daisy


Big Daddy said...

whooowee! I get to be first!
I'm gonna be a stinker and not leave a comment.
so if you read this
realize that while I think these are great pic's...I ain't saying so.
so you'll just have to geuss what I thought.
I mean comment
ain't gonna do it, nope no way not today. :]

B.B. said...

Well then Big D, I'm not gonna tell you that I have E.S.P. And while you didn't leave a comment, I know exactly what you were thinking, and what you would have said..if you would have left one.

Ann said...

Love the pics, except for the snake ones!

I didn't realize Dave got a new job and was moving out to Nevada! ;)

Can't wait for your special post!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Great pics. I thought you were going to pose naked with that snake!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Looks like as usual a great time was has by all.

"Joker" said...

Where'd you guys find my wedding ring?

Thanks for the nod - yes, that suits me!

I'm still re-thinking the snake thing...

Lady R (Di) said...

You do look comfortable with Daisy. I have to give kudos to you girl, I could never do that. Thanks for letting me see you hold it. Ick.

B.B. said...

Hey, I just asked if it made a difference if I was naked, I didn't say I was going to do it. ;)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

We're sick bastards, 'Can't blame us for trying!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Well, I think I will leave a comment about Big D's non-commenting comment. 'Cause I think to not leave a comment about a noncomment would be to actually leave a comment about the state of our commentary on these comments.
Any comments or questions?

Dean "D-Day" said... the snake.

B.B. said...

Mr. M.- I would never blame a man for trying.

Dean- Umm, yeah, I think I actually understand what you're saying. :) And yeah, isn't Daisy beautiful? If I had a big house I might just have taken her home.

Lady R- It was my pleasure. I was thinking what would have been a really cool picture is if we could have put Daisy on Dave's bike, that would have been awesome! Maybe next time.

Dean "D-Day" said...

LOL! If you understand what I just said, you're more messed up than I am.

(I would make a good politician talking like that though, eh?!)

Big Daddy said...

UMMM....NO comment :]
And if you had ESP
I'd already have a cool pic in my Email....LOL

B.B. said...

Dean- I am messed up, you forget I spend a lot of time with Dave! LOL
But I'm sorry, I don't see a career in politics for're too smart.

Big D.- Oh, umm, yeah. :)