Tuesday, July 8, 2008

They aren't bikers, but.....

We all know that our friend Joker is good at supplying pictures of all the hot biker chicks for the boys. Well I have made it my mission to supply the women with pictures of hot biker men. The only problem is that the only hot biker I've seen lately is Dave, and you've all already seen pictures of him. So... they may not be bikers, but how about some baseball players. When I was in Tennessee we went to a Nashville Sounds baseball game, and I decided maybe some of you girls would like these. After all, the second baseman has more tats than a lot of bikers I know. My only question is...What happened to the tight pants they used to wear?

Never fear ladies, Hollister is only a few days away, I will continue my quest!


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Oooh My,
I think thethe guyth are thoo hot and thexy! Jutht look at their atheth!

Ann said...

Ah, the days of tight baseball pants are long gone. Such a shame!

Can't wait to see the pics you take at Hollister! Wish I could go!

Thanks, BB!

"Joker" said...

Wow. I guess I really opened up the biker's Pandora's Box. That's good with me - the more you gals get worked up, the better it is for us when you come home!

B.B. said...

Mr. M- glad you enjoyed it. lol

Ann- I promise to get lots of good pics for you!

Joker- yes you really did start something, and thank you for that. We all need to have a little fun. ;)

IHG said...

Can't wait for the Hollister pictures! The Baseball Players were hot but biker men are more my thing! I hope to add to the hot looking biker men photos when I get to Sturgis in a few weeks!!