Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Old Are You....REALLY?

"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?"

That is my grandmother's favorite saying. She will be 85 in less than two weeks, but you'd never know it. She has a little trouble getting around because of arthritis, but her mind is young and sharp. There are two things my grams does everyday, and has ever since I can remember.

1. Complete the daily crossword puzzle in the paper

2. Go to the bar to hang with her friends.

She seriously does this everyday, whether she feels like it or not. Now, my grams lives in a very small town, and I think she is the oldest resident there. Her friends range in age from teenagers to senior citizens. Everybody loves her!

I've been thinking a lot about getting older lately. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm "old" by any means. But we all have times in our lives where we take stock. We think about all the things we haven't accomplished that we had hoped to by whatever age. But this got me thinking about the things that I have accomplished that I never even thought about trying. Riding being the most obvious for me.

A couple of weeks ago I put together a party at work. It was a 30 year high school reunion. It was funny to see how the people who showed up right on time were dressed very professionally and seemed rather stuffy. They all looked like they graduated 30 years ago, or more in some cases. Then about an hour after the party started a group of bikers come wandering in. Laughing, full of life, leathers and all. You could tell these guys enjoyed their lives. And they looked young, in fact some of them so young that I actually stopped them to make sure they were supposed to be at this 30 year reunion. They were, and it was a good thing, because I noticed how once they got there the stuffed shirts loosened up a bit. It was like they suddenly realized that just because they were the class of '79 graduates didn't mean they had to act like they were past all the fun.
Doing something you love keeps you young. It can be anything that makes you happy, whatever it is don't let it go. Health, finances, or family can alter how you enjoy it, but no matter what find some way to enjoy it.
So my friends....How old are you, REALLY?

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm Feeling Better Now

Man, the last few weeks I've been getting really cranky. (Shut up Dave)

My permit expired and stuff kept getting in the way of me and the DMV. There were a few days that I almost rode to work anyway. The rebel in me said, "Go ahead, it's not that far, you'll be fine." But then the responsible mom in me said, "This could be the day that something goes wrong. Think about the consequences of your actions. Do you really want to screw up and then never be able to ride again?"

So I left my girl alone until I could get legal again. She was sad in the garage, especially when Dave would pull Tramp in after a nice little ride. I was sad and getting cranky. I hated even walking into the garage and seeing Patience sitting there with that sad little puppy dog headlight staring at me. Patience, mine was wearing thin.

Finally the end of last week I was able to get into the DMV and make my world right again. I was finally able to get out a bit this weekend. No epic rides, but enough to start boosting the mood meter.

Now I just have to get off my ass and take the ride part of the test so I don't have to deal with this crap again!