Monday, August 4, 2008

Never run into a burning building!

I have always heard that phrase, and I always thought it was stupid. Duh! Why would I run into a burning building. (Unless of course my child was in there.) Well, tonight I learned that sometimes that is only a metaphor; the building isn't always in flames, sometimes it's just a bad situation.
I was hanging out with Dave at his coffee shop, and we were just getting ready to leave to get some dinner. Dave says, "Turn around and look behind you." I turned around and saw two cops peeking around the corner, when I turned back around I looked down the street and saw six cop cars, and a whole bunch of cops with guns drawn. Most of them had out their big guns, AR-15's I think. I told Dave, "I'm not getting caught in any one's cross hair, I'm going inside." So I promptly sought safety inside the coffee shop.
Once I was inside, I told one of Dave's employees what was going on, and he locked the front door and told all the customers who were sitting next to the windows to move to the back. We were looking out the front and he said, "Doesn't it look like they're pointing their guns right at us?" Yeah it did.
One of the customers insisted that she needed to leave. We told her that she should just stay put because we didn't know what was going on. She insisted, and he let her out the back door that goes into an alley. Next thing I know, he's gone. I decided to poke my head out the back door and see what he was doing. Well, this is where it gets fun. I put my head out the back door and down the alley were about 5 cops, 2 of them pointing their big guns at me. One of them yelled at me to come out of the building. I walk out, and immediately put my hands up before they can even say anything else. I see them frisking Dave's employee and the customer who had just left. At this point I realize that I have my keys in my hand, and I start thinking about how you hear about people who get shot because the cops thought they had a weapon. I calmly tell the cops, "I have keys in my left hand, they're just keys." One of them said ok, and told me to turn around and walk backwards toward the sound of his voice. All of a sudden he says, "SLOW!" Okay, I slow down, I think. Then when I was about half way, I hear the guns click. WTF? What are they doing? Now I'm freaked. I finally get to them and the cop tells me to put my hands behind my back, which of course, I did. He then checks my pockets, and tells me to go behind the building with his partner. His partner told me that a woman had called and said that she was calling from inside the coffee shop and there was a man with a gun. Then he tells me if someone comes out and shots are being fired that I should jump behind the planter box and lay on the ground. I looked at him and said, "Good plan."
While all of this was going on, the police were on the phone with the other employee who was still inside, they instructed her to send the customers out one by one. As each customer comes out, they check them all. Nobody had anything on them, so the cops went in and checked the place out and couldn't find anything. So that was that.
It was crazy. And poor Dave was scarred because I guess right after I ran inside, the cop told him what was going on. He wanted to come in after me, but of course they wouldn't let him. You can get Dave's full perspective over on his blog.
AH, another day in our wonderful city!


Ann said...

WTF??? How crazy! Glad you guys are both ok!

BB, you crack me up...did you really say "Good plan" to the cop??? That's something I would've said! LMFAO!!!

"Joker" said...

Holy shit! "One Adam-12, One Adam-12, see the woman, report of a man with a gun...handle Code 2..."

I can't even imagine being confronted by cops who aren't sure if I'm innocent or guilty. And yeah, I love that line..."Good plan." LMFAO!! You are a hot shit girl!

Oh yeah, and I'm glad you're ok and you didn't pee your pants.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Pretty crazy stuff! I used to be the one behind the gun so I can't imagine what it would feel like in front of the gun. Glad everything worked out OK.

Ann said...

Joker: LOVE the One-Adam-12 reference! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Good plan...LMAO

As I said over on Dave's blog, I'm glad that everything worked out and you all are OK.

B.B. said...

Thanks all! I'm glad it all worked out, too! :) The only time I was really freaked out was when I heard those guns click, that will get your heart going.
Yes, I really said "Good plan" :) The cop just smiled. They were all really nice, after they put the guns down.

Lady R (Di) said...

I think when I heard the clicks of their guns, I would have pissed my pants right then and there! "Good plan" made me laugh too, even though I can't believe you still had humor running through your head at that very moment. Glad no one got hurt.

FLHX_Dave said...

"Good Plan", your a smart ass and you don't even know it. Always have a comeback. Never met anyone who had an answer for everything until I met you. Annoying thing is you always make sense.

Big Daddy said...

I thought because I was getting older and the cops getting younger was whyI lose patience with some of the dumbass things some cops say, so I would always have some retort flying out of my mouth before I even realized I was saying it. lol
But the guns drawn statement took me back in time to when this first happened to me. I used to clean banks part time for a friend who owned a cleaning bussiness.
One night after loading the trash into my car and leaving the bank...I got followed then pulled over [surrounded actually by several police cars]
guns drawn they asked me to exit the car etc...
This kind of stop may be regular today, but back then you never saw a officer draw his weapon.
Turns out one of them saw me load the car with bags and thought maybe I was robbing the bank.
I replied, Yes they always give the f..king keys to the robber just so he can do it after hours and not disturb the customers.
I called the cop a jackass and then said that a custom pearl white 60's buick convertble would be just the car to blend in for a late night burglary.
So looking back I guess I've been doing it a lot longer than I thought. LOL

Mastercheif said...

I know you secretly enjoyed this didn't you. Glad your ok and they didn't blow you away. Now you know why hanging around Dave is so dangerous, stuff just follows him around.

Mimi said...

BB-glad you're OK. Stay safe girl.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Looking back I bet it all seems kinda funny. But I'm sure after you realized what was happpening It was very surreal.

Glad you got out alive!

-Connie said...

Wow! Glad you guys are okay! I couldn't help but giggle at the guns clicking part. :)

B.B. said...

Lady R- I had just gone, or else I just might have peed my

Dave- I wasn't trying to be a smart ass, it just came out.

Big D- LMAO! I can just picture it all!

Eric- Yeah, never a dull moment with your brother.

Mimi & Mr.M- Thanks!

Connie- I'm still trying to figure out what they were doing.

Anonymous said...

We could all use a good frisking now and again. I know I do...