Thursday, April 29, 2010

100 Days and Counting

Some things have really gone by the wayside here lately. I haven't done a riding post for awhile, I haven't ranted about the restaurant, crap, what have I been doing?
Well, a lot of wedding planning is what I've been doing. We don't have Internet at the house right now, so I have to do everything at the coffee shop when I have time.
The planning is going really well. Most everything is in place and I'm just really happy. I've been talking to a lot of other people who are also planning their weddings, and they all keep talking about how stressful it is. I'm not stressed. Maybe it's because this time around I'm doing things that way I want them to be done.
Of course I want everyone who is at my wedding to have a good time, but in the end it's about what Dave and I want and that's the way it's going to be. And if anything goes wrong....who cares? In 100 days I will be marrying the man of my dreams, who also thankfully is the man of my reality.
Dave keeps asking, "What are you going to have to look forward to after the wedding?"
My response, "The rest of my life with you my love!"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

To The Jack Ass Who Hit My Car

I found out that you hit my car when my man went to pick my son up from school. I really wish you would have left a note, I would have liked to thank you in person for the cute red pinstripe that I now have...oh yeah and the nice dent in the door.
I'm sure considering where my car was parked that it would have been really difficult for you to figure out where I was working and come in to give me a heads up. But hey, who doesn't love a surprise right.
And I'm sure that you must not have had a pen or paper handy to leave a note on my windshield, but maybe you should consider carrying one from now on so the next time you hit a car you will be prepared.
Or maybe you just didn't know what to say, in that case here are some examples you could use next time:

"Sorry I hit your car, I'm a drunk and after I hit it I couldn't stumble out of the car to do anything"

"I was on my way to take my wife to the hospital to deliver triplets, I was afraid I didn't have enough time to make it. I intended on coming back after the delivery, but hey, I have triplets now, I'm really busy."

"I'm illegal, I have no license or insurance, in fact the car I'm driving is stolen, I hope you understand."

"I'm an inconsiderate asshole who doesn't know how to drive, or read or write. Besides, why would I care about the fact that I hit someones car who I don't even know. My car is a piece of shit anyway, you can't tell one dent from the other. Deal with it!"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Recharging the Battery

I have been extremely busy lately. Wedding planning, working, taking care of my child, taking care of my man. When I had time to ride, it was pouring down rain. When the weather was time. So no surprise when I went to start my bike the other day to ride to work and the battery was dead.
I was really looking forward to that little ride to work, it would've only been a five minute ride, but hey, five minutes is more than no minutes, right?
So Dave got home that night and promptly hooked my baby up to the charger. She was getting a good charge, so thankfully I would be able to ride on Saturday. I had a day with time, and beautiful weather.
After putting 140 miles on my girl Saturday her battery is good and charged, and you know what? So is mine.

P.S. 128 days and counting.....