Saturday, June 30, 2012

Change is in the air

Hi, my name is B.B., some of you may remember me.  Where have I been?  Really, honestly it'd be easier to say where I haven't been, which is on my bike.  Some of you already know this, but I have decided to sell my sportster.  It's been a hard decision, and that must be why I haven't really put that much effort into actually trying to find someone to buy it.  But for reasons that are beyond my control I have to get on it and get it done.
I have decided I would really like to get back into my blog, but obviously it will be changing quite a bit and will focus on other aspects of my life and where it's headed now. 
So it may not be of any interest to some of you any more.....of course I haven't written for so long, I don't even know how many people will actually even read this.  But I hope that at least some of you will find some use for my ramblings about daily life. 
In the next week or so I will be changing the title of my blog to better fit its content, so stay tuned because change is in the air......................