Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What A Year It Has Been!

Wow, it's been a year already! When Dave first started blogging, the kid and I would make fun of him relentlessly. It just sounded funny....blogger, so we had a great time teasing him and calling him "blogger" for days. Once I started actually reading his blog, and the comments that he would get, I realized what a great outlet this was, and how many really cool people he was meeting. That was when I decided to become a "blogger".
Most of you I know have been here from the beginning of my blog, thanks to Dave's head start for me, but for those of you who may not have been reading my blog from the beginning I have put together some links that will help you see where this year has taken me. It has been a really amazing year and I thank all of you for the friendship, support, concern, laughs, and advice I have received from you. Here's a look back at my year!

The Journey Begins -
My first post. I really had no expectations when I started, I just felt like chronicling my journey of wanting to move up front, and seeing where it would take me.

Musical Motorcycle Montage-
Trying on different bikes. I had my ideas of what I liked, but since it would be my first, I wasn't really sure what I would end up with.

The Most Exciting Laundry Day Ever-
The day I found "MY" bike!

Unnamed Baby Girl-
Pictures of my first bike!

My First Ride-
A hilarious video of my maiden voyage, in the parking lot.

Out Of The Parking Lot Into The Dump-
The day started out good, but ended on a bit of a low note.

B.B.'s Bike Garage-
Putting on my engine guard, and practicing the proper way to pick up my bike.

My First Solo Ride-
The title says it all.

Main Roads, and Back roads and Freeways, OH MY!-
Some more learning.

Okay, so this is more links than I had planned on, but it basically gives you an idea of how I started my adventure, and if you want to read my latest accomplishment read Blow Job and Outlaw B.B. over on Dave's blog. And you can always check out the archives to read any of my other silly posts!

Thanks all for coming on my journey with me, and hopefully I can get out of this block and start posting more! Love to you all! Ride safe, Ride Happy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm Okay!

Okay, Dave is really annoyed with me....first that I went on Hiatus, and second that I made it so nobody could comment on that post, so he has been receiving a lot of emails from our concerned friends. So let me just tell you all that I am fine! Thank you all for asking and making sure everything was okay. I thought about just playing the whole thing off as an April Fool's joke, but I don't really like to be dishonest, and since that wasn't my intent, I won't tell you it was. Truth is I was just in a really dark place for a few days with some stuff to work out in my head as well as my life. I thought about not saying anything at all, but I seriously didn't know how long it would be before I got stuff sorted out and felt like hanging out here again and I wanted to at least let everyone know that I would be gone, so if you didn't see me commenting you wouldn't think that I didn't love ya'll anymore. So that's it, I have not been abducted by aliens, arrested, kidnapped by a biker gang, or beaten up by Dave. I'm here, I'm okay, and I'm truly touched that I have friends who care. So am I back??? Yes, but I may be a little scarce here and there, things are getting to where they need to be, but I'm still working out a few little kinks! You are all awesome friends and I appreciate you all very much!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

On Hiatus

I'm going on Hiatus, don't know how long I'll be gone, but hopefully you'll all still be around when I get back. Ride Safe, Ride Happy!