Monday, July 28, 2008

A Saturday with no plan: Part 2

We had done about all we could do in the parking lot of the Army surplus store. Without getting arrested anyways. Bernie suggested we take the back roads home. Amanda is thinking, ok, why didn't anyone tell me that there were back roads before we went on Highway 1? Well the truth is that the back roads are worse than the highway. They go through all the Ag fields, and they are bumpy with lost of road damage caused by all the trucks. Not to mention that some of the roads are pretty narrow and dirty. But on a Saturday there isn't too much traffic, so it shouldn't be a problem, and it wasn't. It was actually a very enjoyable ride...but of course I was on the back and didn't have too much to worry about anyways.

Bernie pulled into Pezzini farms, which is a really great produce stand. It's basically in the middle of all these fields and farms, and if you didn't know about it, you wouldn't know it was there. HMMM, that sounded kinda stupid, but I'm sure you all know what I mean.

Again we just hung out and talked. The best kind of people are the ones you can hang out with and do nothing. Just relax and enjoy each other's company. Somehow the subject of my snake came up, and I started telling everyone about the pet store where I got him, and where I get all his supplies and food. They have this really cool Burmese python that is huge. She is over 18 feet long, and at her thickest point is about the size of my upper thigh. One of the guys told me that they don't have an accurate weight for her, but he guessed she weighs around 190 pounds. Crap! She eats bunnies. Two at a time as a matter of fact. As we were talking about this Dave remembered me telling him about a special family event they were having over there, and he suggested we head over and check it out. Everyone thought it sounded kinda cool so we geared up and headed on over.

We got to Jurassic Pets just as they were starting to put stuff away, but we still got to see some cool stuff. I got to hold a snake named Daisy. I forget what kind of snake she is, but she's beautiful. Again Dave has all the pictures, so you'll have to check out his post about today to see her. She liked me! :) She was very mellow and comfortable with me. I held her for awhile, but then had to give her back because 25 pounds sitting on your neck starts hurting after awhile. Then I showed everyone the big snake (the Burmese, dirty minds!) Oh yeah, and we got more free hot dogs.

After staying there for a little bit we all took off. Chuck and Amanda headed for home, and Dave, Bernie, and I headed for the coffee shop, where most of our rides end. We had some coffee and talked some more before deciding to call it a day.

When we got back to Dave's house we were both pretty tired, so we took a little nap. When we woke up we decided we wanted to get back on the bike and go get dinner. So we took a late night ride for the border. That's right, Taco Bell again. Hey, people it's cheap!

So even though we didn't do anything super amazing today, it was an awesome day. We had no plans, no time frames, no expectations, we just got out and went. I knew today was going to be a good day!


Ann said...

That is totally a great day, except for the snake-handling part.

We had friends over yesterday, and I know exactly what you mean about being able to just hang out and expectations or BS. It's nice. Friends like that seem hard to come by now.

And there is NOTIHNG wrong with Taco Bell...I personally love their steak quesadillas and soft steak tacos. :) Yo queiro taco bell! :)

Lady R (Di) said...

Friends like that are the best. No worries and no plans, just enjoy each other. Good for you and the snake. Does your snake at home get jealous when he smells another snake on you? Kind of like dogs, they smell you like crazy cause they can smell the "other" one. Hey, I love Taco Bell late at night when you have to eat something after a good night of drinking. LOL!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Taco Bell is OK in a pinch. And yes, it's very cheap. I can't believe though that in So.Cal. you would have to resort to Taco Bell for Mexican food.

"Joker" said...

All set on the snakes! I've never understood the romanticism around mammoth reptiles that slither around and eat whole bunnies for dinner. (shudder) To each their own I guess.

Your friends sound cool. It's good you can hang without the expense of the gin mills. We have fun, but it's pricey always leaning on a bar. If I suggested to Jackson that we go ride to the petshop I think he'd throw a beer bottle at me. It's amazing how our zens are all different.

I like Taco Bell once in a while, but Dean has a point. I thought that would be TABOO in So. Cal?? I used to work with a guy who lived out there for a while and was married to a Mexican girl. He said out there is where the "real" Mexican food is at. Kind of like in Boston. If they tried to build an "Olive Garden" in the North End (Boston's "Little Italy"), whoever was behind it would end up wearing cement overshoes.

What's up w/that? I'm curious.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Re: last posts comments reply, How much of this is true? LOL!

Just kidding.

I Hate snakes!

Ain't nothing wrong with Taco Hell.
I'm the only one in my family who likes it. When I was a teenager, I think I lived on it. I prefer authentic Mexican but it's still good once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day. Sometimes it's the little things that make life wonderful--like being able to spend time with good friends.

I'm with Mr M on the authentic mexican (OK, technically it's Jay who is a freak for authentic mex...I am more of a Tex-Mex gal myself). But anyway anything mex is good in my book, and if its got to be Taco Smell then so be it! ;-)

B.B. said...

Ok, where to start?

Snakes..I love them. Joker, would it make a difference if I told you I was naked with the snake wrapped around me? I know you all don't like them, that's ok. :)
Lady R- Actually when I get home I sneak right into the bathroom to wash up. ;) No, really I do seriously wash up before I touch my snake, just so he doesn't get sick.

Taco Bell...I do love it, I just didn't want ya'll to think that was the only place we ever eat. We don't live in So. Cal, we live on the Cental Coast. And yes, it does make a difference. We do have lots of really good authentic Mexican places to eat, but unfortunatly, none of them have 99 cent menus. :)

Our friends...They are really cool! :)

Mr. M- It was all true! If it was a made up story it would have ended with me on my own bike. :)

"Joker" said...

You bet your fantastic caboose it would make a difference!! All of a sudden I'm starting to see snakes in a whole new light...

Naked. God I love that word.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Joker - You're such a perv! Although, naked with a snake does make my mind wander.

B.B. - Yes, .99 cents is hard to beat!

South Milwaukee is predominately Mexican so there's a lot of REALLY good Mexican restaurants. It's just hard to eat Taco Hell after I've been to those places.

Ann said...

There are quite a few authentic Mexican places around the Phoenix, AZ area, too, but like BB said: they don't have 99¢ menus!

My favorite authentic mexican restaurant out here is Top Shelf...yum!

-Connie said...

Sounds like an awesome day!!! I love those days where you don't plan anything, just go! Those are my favorite! And we, too, love Taco Bell!! When Josh and I rode across a few weeks ago, I think we hit one every day. At least once, hehehe!