Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday Ride With Biker Chick

*Disclaimer* If this seems rushed and confused, it's because I had to hurry and get this post up because some dumb bastard already put up a link sending people over here!

For those of you who read Biker Chickz Blog you probably know that she recently moved to Santa Cruz. What you may or may not know is that she now lives less than an hour from Me, Dave, Willy D. and Carol.
We have all been anxious to meet up and Saturday was finally the day. Becky wanted to check out Dave's shop so she said she would ride down and meet us here and then we could figure out the rest of the day.

Meeting Becky was like reconnecting with a friend who you haven't seen for awhile. She fit right in with our crazy crew. And for somebody to fit in right away with Dave and Willy D. could be considered a miracle!

We had some coffee and talked for a bit before hitting the road for a great ride on a perfect day.

We rode through Monterey into Pacific Grove. We stopped at Lover's Point in Pacific Grove and watched the waves hit the rocks. We hung out there until it got too hot (Sorry my snow struck friends). Then we continued along the road right next to the ocean. It was so beautiful! I love the smell of the ocean, and it smelt especially sweet that day.

After riding for a little while longer we stopped for lunch at McDonald's, and then headed back into Salinas to Dave's shop. We visited for a little bit and then decided that we would ride with Becky part of the way back up to Santa Cruz. Well....that was the plan, but Dave kept going all the way to Santa Cruz. I'm not complaining, it was great. I had a new experience on the highway with traffic stopping in front of us.......I didn't freak out too much. When we turned off at Becky's exit she went her way home and we turned around and headed home. I got to ride in the dark for a bit, which of course I loved!

It was a great day. I enjoyed getting to meet Becky and look forward to more rides together. Also it was the most comfortable I've felt riding overall. It's feeling more natural now and I just enjoy it more and more every time I ride.

Oh, and if you're wondering why there aren't any pics of Dave, it's funny, somehow when he gave me the pictures off his camera the ones I took of him were conveniently missing. But I'm sure Becky got some!


"Joker" said...

You don't KNOW how much I wish I had of been there! While you guys were out suffering in the heat, I was clearing 6" of the white stuff with my snow blower. @#$%^&!!!!!

Hearing Becky fit right in with the crowd is cool and really no surprise. I love her blog and had a feeling she was cool beans all along. The whole idea of her moving and having instant friends in a strange place by virtue of our blogging family is the coolest of all. I think it's awesome you hooked up and showed her a good time.

Oh, and BB, you're really looking good on your Sporty! Ride on and Ride Safe!!!

IHG said...

You go with your cool self on that Sporty! You look good girl!!!

It's cool that you are all close by and were able to meet. Plus the fact that she is a cool chick too helps alot!

Loved the pictures. It makes me wish for spring all the more! This snow stuff is getting old! And last week was like a deep freeze...WHY DO I LIVE IN IOWA??? lol

Learning to Golf said...

Great pictures of the ocean. I love riding along the coast even when it is dark and overcast.

It is also terrific that Becky has new riding friends so close. That should make the move and new job even better.

Dean "D-Day" said...

It's awesome that you guys were able to meet up. I always enjoy hearing about how your riding is progressing too.

Steph - I'm with ya! I'm SOOOOO sick of winter! I'm ready to have Ann & Big D start scouting out a place for me to live in AZ.

Ann said...

Dean: Just say the word...foreclosures are at an all-time high out here and we could find you a place in no time! :)

BB: Glad you got a good ride in! Sounds like it was a great day. You look great on your sporty!

B.B. said...

Joker- Well all I can say is at least you have a snow blower. :)
Becky is exactly as cool as you would think.
And thanks, I'm feeling really good on my Sporty!

Steph- Thanks! I'm sorry for your snow, but I'm sure there's something about Iowa that keeps you there. ;)

AZ HD- I love the ocean! I love going over there when the fog is rolling in, it's so beautiful.

Dean- It was awesome!

Ann- Thanks! It was a great day, hope you got some riding in too!

Willy D said...

It was a fun time, but what’s up with the “dumb bastard” remark? The “bastard” part I agree with. But “dumb”? That’s just disrespectful to actual “dumb” people. I had no idea I was that far up the evolutionary scale. So I guess I’ll take that as a complement! Thanks:)

Sure is funny about those pictures of Dave. Told you not to give him back the camera. Delete, delete, delete!

B.B. said...

Ha ha, at first it did just say bastard, but then I thought dumb bastard sounded better.

Baron's Life said...

Being stuck in the snow...all I can say is: I'm jealous. Thanks for sharing the ride with us and the great pictures. Great about Becky.
Ride safely,,especially in the dark

One Harley Rider said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! I am jealous!!!!! Hope to ride in the Carolina's this weekend with a friend as we plan the Daytona Rally Trip.

Whoooo Hoooo - Bikes, beer, boobies!! I am sorry, was that not polically correct?

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Way cool day.
Glad you got to meet Becky Biker Chick, and get out and ride.

Allen Madding said...

I am sooo sorry you gouys got hot. You could have always come east to cool off :)


B.B. said...

Baron- I'm sorry. :) I saw those snow pics on your blog and as beautiful as the snow is, I'm glad we don't have any.

Harley Rider- Hope you have a great ride through the Carolina's. No worries about being P.C. here, it is what it is! Enjoy your bikes, beers, and especially your boobies! :)

Mr. M- It was an awesome day!

Allen- yeah I know :) But in a few months when I can't take a shower because we have no water then you can all talk about how clean you feel. LOL

Lady R (Di) said...

Well, I've dragged around long enough before getting over here to comment. I think it's really nice that you, Dave and Willy D and Carol acted as welcoming committee for Becky. I'm glad ya'll had a beautiful day for a nice ride. Becky seems like the genuine article and I hope she get settled in soon. We'll be seeing more posts of all of you together, I'm sure!

Your looking good on your ride! I'm excited for you! Before long, you'll be planning a nice long cross county trip. Just make sure I'm on the list of places to visit! :)

B.B. said...

Lady R.- My dream is to ride cross country stopping to visit all our blogger friends along the way!

Mimi said...

Wow! Love hearing about your ride and meeting with Becky. Thanks for taking us along the ride!

Unknown said...

Wow, do I ever need to find some warm weather. Midwest living sucks come January.

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there with the Dumb Bastard, the cool chicks, and the crazy coffee shop guy.

Big Daddy said...

You girls can always shower here:]
I'll even help you conserve water.
Dave and Willy can use the

B.B. said...

Mimi- It was great! Next we'll have to come down there and see you!

Rick- The weather has been beautiful. It's been raining the last two days, but we really need it.

RC- You and the Mrs. need to plan a trip out west!

Big D.- You're so generous...or perverted....or maybe both. :)

Kathleen Jennette said...

Just catching up...but how great that is!! I am heading up to Santa Cruz in May and I hope we can meet up! You are doing just great on riding too...yeaaaaa!

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