Friday, January 9, 2009

Just call me a copycat!

Okay, so this isn't my original idea, but I thought it was fun. Connie and Ann both have posts up about 101 Things you don't know about them. So hopefully they won't mind, but I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Here's my 1-25:

1. Every time I get a headache I'm sure that I have a brain aneurysm and I'm dying.

2. I'm a beauty school dropout.

3. I believe in fairytale endings.

4. Everyone in my family calls me "Boo Boo".

5. My favorite color is green.

6. When my son was a baby I actually liked picking the buggers out of his nose.

7. My first car was a black 69 Volkswagen bug.

8. I once killed my bosses cat by accidentally fumigating the house while the cat was in it. :(

9. I've been engaged three times.

10. I've been married once.

11. I got married in a hotel chapel in Reno.

12. I've been arrested twice. (I was young.)

13. I've never gotten a speeding ticket, or been pulled over for speeding.

14. I moved out on my own when I was 17.

15. When I was 18 I moved from Utah to New York to be a nanny.

16. I have extreme road rage, but only when in my car, not on the bike.

17. I teach Sunday School at my church.

18. I am a reality show addict.

19. When I was in third grade I told my best friend that I was adopted, she believed me until we were 13.

20. I really had wished at the time that it was true.

21. I trained for a marathon, but ended up not participating.

22. I always wished that I had blue eyes.

23. In high school I used to wear my pants so tight that I would have to lie down on the bed and use a hanger to zip them up.

24. My hair was so big in 9th grade that it didn't fit in my school picture.

25. I love Shirley Temple, the person, not the drink.


Ann said...

Ditto for me on #'s 23 and 24!!!! LMFAO!!!!!

Glad you jumped on the bandwagon! :)

Willy D said...

Arrested? Twice? Damn girl, your a natural born biker!

B.B. said...

Ann- I knew someone would be able to relate! LOL

Willy D- I know, I know!

Anonymous said...

Did you hack into my computer and steal my list?!!

Baron's Life said...

You're cool

B.B. said...

RC- I'm laughing at the idea of you with big hair! LMAO!

Baron- Thanks....I think. Thanks for checking out my blog, I stopped by yours the other day, I didn't have a lot of time to read, but I was enjoying what I read so far.

-Connie said...

I love reading posts like this!! I'm glad you jumped on the band wagon! I'm the same way with headaches too!!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Wow, that just totally blew my whole perception of you. A real hardened criminal?! LOL!

And here I thought that between you and Dave that you were the sane one of the relationship. I'll have to rethink that.

B.B. said...

Connie- I love this stuff too, not only are they fun to read, but it's fun when you're trying to think of stuff that people don't know about you.

Dean- Ha ha! Let's just say I'm the saner (is that even a word) of the two.

Anonymous said...

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