Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It Just Isn't Gonna Happen

I came to a sad realization today. As much as I have tried to stay in denial about the situation, it is time to face the cold hard facts........Dave & I will not be able to go to Sturgis this year.
I'm really bummed, but there is just no way it will work out. We can't afford it plain and simple. Besides the expenses of the trip, neither of us get paid vacations, so to take off for two weeks and not get paid would just put us in an even worse position than we are in now.
Dave just read this over my shoulder and said, "There's still hope, don't give up on the dream! You can't post this yet!"
Sorry babe, unless we win the lotto, this year is out! :(


Ann said...

We're in the same boat this year, BB. However, there's a 'Too Broke For Sturgis' rally in AZ. Maybe you guys can swing that?

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, we won't be going either. time, money, distance. We'll be lucky if we make it through all of the quasi-local trips we have planned.

fasthair said...

Ms. BB: I hear your pain. I’m sitting here wondering if I will even be able to take some time off work this year. I didn’t get a vacation last year and was hoping I could find a way this year. At this time I think I’m going to have to be happy with some long four day weekends and shorter trips. I have a couple in mind but if I could do just the one of going to the HD museum I would be happy. But as Big D said, there’s still hope. I hope it works out for the both of you.


Ann said...

Big D said that? I think you mean Dave, Fasthair. ;)

BB: Here's the website for TBFS:

I'm not savvy enough to actually make it a link, so just copy and paste. :)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Feeling yer pain. Similar financial situation here. Sounds like the money train has not showed up at all the stops this year. Mine and yours included.

"Joker" said...

That isn't exactly what I wanted to hear, but I understand. It is a lot of time to be away, and if you don't get paid time off, especially in this economy, I don't see how you could do it. I think it's time for Dave to become a millionaire, and I have a plan.

Tell him there's a coffee shop chain out here called "Mary Lou's"

Mary Lou started out 20 years ago with a mom & pop side-street variety store and parlayed it into a very successful business. There are two keys to her success. 1. Her coffee is EXCELLENT. 2. She only hires YOUNG and VERY HOT girls to work her shops. Just check out the pictures in her photos area.

ALL the cops, firemen, construction workers (I know I was one of 'em), et al, FLOCK to her shops every day to get their cup of joe and coffee cake served up by jiggly-wigglys in tight pink tops and black shorts. Now I know this is sexist. You probably don't want Dave reading the menu everyday at work even though he comes home to eat, BUT, agree or not with the method, Mary Lou built a coffee empire on T & A, and I know there's no shortage of that in Southern California.

You two could be living large in no time at all. Hell, Dave may even be able to open up a shop in Sturgis, put you on the payroll, and you'd have yourselves a genuine "working vacation"!!!!

Think about it!

Ann said...

Just wanted to add my 2 cents to Joker's comment: Mary Lou's kicks ass! Great idea Joker!

BTW...Big D used to deliver there!

"Joker" said...

Thanks Ann! Hey, I know I said check out the photos section of Mary Lou's website, but I forgot to mention the APPAREL section. OMG! Talking about some hotties...woo hoo!!! Hey, Big D, does this qualify as "local talent," LOL!!!

Learning to Golf said...

Sturgis is six months away and anything can happen in that time. Keep the dream alive even if it takes a year or two to reach. Keep dreaming!!

Anonymous said...

You all need to schedule this about three years in advance so we can all save up to go.

fasthair said...

Crap Ms. BB.. I get so CORNfused here... Dave, Dean, Big D... When I started my first reponse I had to change it from Ann to your name!!! I'm blaming it on the cold :) NOw I see it is really Ms Ann how corrected me... in my best Charlie Brown voice... AAARRRGGGHHH


B.B. said...

Ann- Thanks, I checked out the site. That sounds awesome! Are you and Big D. going? Say yes, say yes! I think we could swing that!

Mrs. RC- I wish I could say it was a consolation, but it isn't. :) But it looks like it's a lot of us.

Fasthair- First of all...don't worry about the mix-up, I'm not even sure who I am half the time. lol. I hope you get to take some time off. After reading Ann's comments, I think we will at least try to make it to AZ for "Too Broke for Sturgis".

Mr. M.- If that train shows up send it my way. I don't care if it's late, as long as it gets here eventually.

Joker- I know....I have the biggest frowny face right now. I was reallly hoping to meet you in person.
Also thanks for your plan. I checked out the site. UMMMM.....I'm a pretty secure woman, but I think I'll have to think about it a little bit more. :)

AZ HD- Yeah, it's a ways away, but it may take me that long just to get caught up from when I wasn't working. :( I will get there someday!

RC- I agree!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Yeah, sad to say, I think I'm going to have to start planning for next year. I've already committed a chunk of money to a trip to Mexico in April. I don't think I can swing both this year.

Ann said...

I won't say yes definitely, but yes, we are planning on attending TBFS this year. We'd LOVE it if you and Dave could attend, too!

$60 for two people for the whole weekend? Affordable. Riding up there with BB and Dave? Priceless!

Email me if you want to plan it. :)

"Joker" said...

BB: Don't worry, it will happen one day. I'm a firm believer things happen for a reason, and if it's not meant to be this year, then there must be a reason why. Sometimes we have to go with the flow. As far as your reaction to my plan goes, LMAO!! Yes, I thought you might :)

B.B. said...

Dean- Well that stinks, but Mexico sounds fun!

Ann- I will email you about it. :)

Joker- I am a firm believer of the same thing.

FLHX_Dave said...

How did I get mentioned here? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I'll find a way if at all possible. Since I'm a stupid dreamer I'm not giving up until the week before Sturgis!

Contrary to popular belief, you can do it with a tent and alot of beef jerky. Most people wouldn't think that was much fun though. I wouldn't mind.

Too Broke For Sturgis sounds good!

I'm not giving up yet.

B.B. said...

To my dear dreamer....I love ya for it!

Baron's Life said...

Most of us are in the same boat...
Keep the dream alive..six months is a long ways away