Friday, January 16, 2009

And Here It Is 76-101

76. I love riding at night.

77. I'm not supposed to ride at night with my permit.

78. I don't do it often, or go far, but I love it.

79. My bike is dirty right now.

80. I'm going to clean her tomorrow.

81. When I see or talk to my ex-husband, I wonder why I ever married him in the first place.

82. But, I'm glad that I did, because I have Riley.

83. I don't regret getting divorced.

84. I do regret giving him back all my jewelry.

85. I can't stand Jenny McCarthy.

86. But some people say that I sometimes act like her.

87. And for some reason it bugs me that Dave thinks she's hot.

88. I love to color.

89. Especially in Barbie coloring books.

90. But I never color their hair blond, it's always brown or red, or a funky mixture of colors.

91. My Grandma collected Barbie dolls, and is handing them all down to me.

92. I bought a lot of them for her.

93. She already sent me some, including the original Ken, in the box, in perfect condition.

94. She has the original Barbie, but said she's holding onto that one until she dies.

95. My Gram is 84 and acts like she just turned 21.

96. She is one of my favorite people in the world.

97. I know it will be hard on me when she dies.

98. But I think she just might outlive us all.

99. This last list is coming to me faster than the previous ones.

100. Meeting Dave was one of the best things to ever happen to me in my life.


101. Even after all this stuff I've shared, there are still things that the world will never know about me. (Insert mysterious and sinister laughter here.)


Baron's Life said...

If you're afraid of the dark (#26), howcome you love riding at night?
BTW, I love riding anytime, but night time is my favorite.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Not much of a night rider but love the early mornings.

And Dave is right...
Jenny McCarthy is hot.

Lady R (Di) said...

I like Jenny McCarthy cause she's proof that a loud mouthed woman can still be considered "hot"!

I enjoyed reading your lists. I'm with you on your last statement... There are still things we don't know about you... As it should be. ;)

Ann said...

I also hate Jenny McCarthy...what a waste of space.

I loved your list! And I'm glad there's still some mystery...we don't want to know EVERYTHING! ;)

One Harley Rider said...

OK - I think Jenny is HOT as well. Not sure I like her though. Does not matter since I probably wont meet her anyway. But if I did, I would say she is HOT and LOUD. Thanks for sharing B.B. I like riding at night as well, my bike is almost always dirty - kind of like my mind - did I mention I thought Jenny M was hot?

Mastercheif said...

Jenny McCarthy is HOT, as long as she doesn't open her mouth. Did you ever see the Rolling Stones cover where she was squirting mustard on a hot dog? Uberhot!!!! Ask Dave he will tell you.

If you have any Barbies that are naughty, send them to me..I'll feed them to my dog.

Coloring books hum! Now I finaly know what to get you for Christmas.

B.B. said...

Baron- Ha ha, I never thought about that, but when I'm riding at least I have the light from my bike, I love the way it looks, and the air just feels so different.

Dean- I figured the guys would all agree with Dave on Jenny McCarthy. :)

Lady R- I don't mind loud women, there's just something about THAT woman. LOL. I think she has a smokin' hot body, but as far as I'm concerned she doesn't have much to offer above the neck.

Ann- I knew you'd agree with me sister. ;)
And yes, we all need to keep a little bit of mystery about ourselves.

Harley Rider- Um yeah, I think you might have mentioned that Jenny was hot! :) Dave's bike is almost always dirty, he's of the mindset that he'd rather ride than clean, can't say I blame him.

Masterchief- Can't say I ever saw that cover...darn! No I'm not going to ask your brother about it, I don't need him to start fantasizing about it. ;)
I will send you any of my Barbies that misbehave.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Actually, Jenny McCarthy is quite intelligent and articulate. She started the organization Generation Rescue which is an international movement of scientists, physicians and parent-volunteers researching the causes and treatments for autism and mentoring thousands of families in recovering their children from autism. She claims to have helped her son Evan recover from autism. She has written a book on the subject and constantly tours talking to pediatricians and parent groups.

B.B. said...

Dean- And that is part of my problem with her. I won't go into the whole thing, but I have worked with autistic children for several years, and I'm not an expert by any means, but she is spewing some serious crap. I'm happy that her son seems to be doing better, but she has misrepresented some serious stuff. Now saying that, I do agree with some of what she says, removing certain things from the diets of SOME autistic children does help with certain symptoms. And I do think it's admirable that she is working so hard to help people through what is an incredibly difficult journey. There is a very wide range on the spectrum, and from what I gather from reading her book, her son is on the higher functioning end. I worked with children who were low functioning, and believe me, their parents have tried everything that has been known to work on SOME children. It is a crazy mysterious thing, and there is no black and white when it comes to therapies that work and which children they will work for. Like I said before, I'm very thankful that her son seems to be doing better, I can't imagine my son not being healthy, but in my opinion for her to say that she has 'recovered' her son from Autism is absurd.
And I'm sorry to disagree but being articulate to me doesn't mean when you're giving an interview that you start yelling about how 'freakin' stupid people are. Articulate people can get their passion and point across without having to do that.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I think I hit a hot spot.

B.B. said...

Maybe just a little one. :)

-Connie said...

My favorite coloring book is this shark one I bought at an aquarium a few years ago :) I love coloring! I like riding at night too, with out a lot of traffic :)

Webster World said...

I love night riding. But I have slowed down on my speed when doing it. Riding:)

Anonymous said...

I call my grandmother "Gram" too!
I always mix colors when coloring...very difficult to do with crayons.
I don't even know who Jenny McCarthy is (and from this conversation, I'm sure sure that I care)

Anonymous said...

Jenny McCarthy is hot and loud but I bet she can't color inside the lines. I bet that's why she is so involved with artistic children. She envies their ability to create meaningful art that touches the soul using only simple crayons.

B.B. said...

Connie- I think coloring is very theraputic, hey so is riding...must be why we enjoy both.

Webster- Yeah, I think slowing down on the speed is a good thing at night. :)

Mrs. RC- That's funny, I've always called her Gram, but I'm the only granchild who does, so I'm not sure why I started.

RC- You're killin' me!

"Joker" said...

I love riding at night too - out of deer season! 84 - I hope you at least got the TV!

85 - I've never understood the whole Jenny thing. First of all, I don't prefer blondes. Next, if you cropped a shot of her in a bikini and painted it green, you'd be looking at the Geico Gekko. She needs to put on about 20 pounds, then she'd be hot. When she publically admitted she won't have sex without her bra on, I decided then I didn't need to hear any more about her. Apparently sans bra, Jen's girls look like a pair of tube sox with billiard balls in them - not so hot!

BB, I hope Dave doesn't mind me saying so, but YOU my dear were blessed by the Ass Gods. Narrow hips McCarthy's got nothing on you hun - trust me!

B.B. said...

Joker- You just made my day! And no, actually I didn't even get the T.V. I went almost two years without one.

香魚烘蛋Tata said...