Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh so bored!!

I really have nothing in particular to write about, but I'm bored so I wanted to write something. That is really a great opening line huh, really catches the attention of the reader and makes them want to finish. Ha Ha.
Well tomorrow is Dave's birthday...sorry babe. He doesn't really like to celebrate but I usually try to get him to at least get out and do something. We are going to try to go for a ride tomorrow if the weather is decent. The fog started rolling in pretty heavy tonight so I guess we'll just have to see what we wake up to in the morning. It will have to be somewhat of a short ride, due to my work schedule, but hey, a short ride is better than no ride at all. Maybe we will head down the coast to Big Sur and have lunch. There is this really cool restaurant I like called The River Inn. The service hasn't always been great, but the food is good and the location is amazing. It sits right on the river, hence the name, and is surrounded by all types of trees. They even have benches and chairs right in the river so after your meal you can go and relax with your feet in the water. It's fun to go in the water, but I am so clumsy I'm always worried that I'm going to fall and Dave will be fishing my butt out of the river. It isn't that deep but if I ever do fall in I am going to stay down and pretend like I passed out or something to try and alleviate some of the embarrassment.
Anyways, hopefully we will get to ride somewhere so I will have something fun to write about instead of this hopeless blabbering. :)
Be sure to stop by Dave's blog and wish him a happy birthday! (He is so going to kill me.)


"Joker" said...

Yeah, we all get to a certain point where we don't care to keep count of the years anymore. I hope you two got to take that ride today. If you fell in the water, you may not have enjoyed it, but I'm sure Dave and any other guys around did!

B.B. said...

Hmm... I never thought of that, as long as I wear white nobody will be laughing. (I hope) :)
We did ride today, but the weather changed the location, I will be posting about it, it was a great day!