Friday, June 26, 2009

Amazing Arizona Adventure: Day One, Part Two

While we were waiting in Weed Patch I called Ann to let her know that we would be delayed, and I also called our hotel to make sure that they wouldn't give our room away. They assured me that they were keeping it just for us.
I think it was almost five when we got back on the road. It was still hot, but I was wearing the water vest, so it wasn't too bad. Also Carol let me use her half helmet so I wouldn't have to suffer the heat in mine. It took a little getting used to since I have never ridden without a full face. Overall the ride was pretty comfortable, Dave made me a nice little cushion for my tush, and it helped a ton!
By the time we got to Barstow I was extremely glad that I had decided not to try my Patience on this ride. It was so windy I don't know if I could have kept her skinny ass on the road.
The skies were getting pretty dark, and I actually wouldn't have minded if it rained on us a little bit.
We stopped often to fuel up, drink lots of water, and goof off. I was having a blast already! I couldn't wait to get there. Ann had said she was going to wait up for us, even when I called her and it was obvious we were going to be way late!
As soon as we got into Arizona, we stopped so the boys could take off their helmets. I left mine on, I had always said that even if given the choice, I would always wear one...well....more about that later!
It seems like the last 300 miles we stopped more than we had the rest of the ride. It was understandable though, it was dark, getting cold, and we had all been up all day.
We finally got to Williams at 2:00 in the morning. It had started raining on us a few miles out, and once we got there the rain really started coming down.
The sweet guy at the office of the hotel was trying to tell us the best place to park the bikes. He said he had some cones we could use, but then he came back and said somebody had stolen them. This didn't make Dave feel good. LOL.
I called Ann, but apparently she had given up and went to bed, can't say I blame her. So I left a message to let her know we made it and told her to call me in the morning.
I was so happy to climb into a bed, definitely glad we decided on a room instead of camping. I hate sleeping in hotels, but I slept soooooo good that night.

Coming soon: Amazing Arizona Adventure; Day Two

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Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

I love that sure is scary though on a 2 gal tank at that time of night! Did it once...and was glad I brought my gal gas can with me!

Your trip sounds like you guys are experiencing a really remarkable time!

mq01 said...

great post & great pics, looks like such a blast. still so sorry that carol got sick though...thats no fun. lamont/weedpatch chevron, got it!!!!!......... >;-)

Ann said...

I need to say that what impressed me most was that you all checked into your room around 2am, and when I called you at 7:30, you answered and you guys were all up and just about ready. And you rode all day that day, too! All 3 of you have acheived Iron Butt status in my eyes!

I hope you have called BITCH's manager at Chevron.

IHG said... sounds like getting to Williams was quite a memorable adventure. But then all motorcycle trips are memorable adventures aren't Great photos!

Mastercheif said...

Looks like a great time. I can't wait until we all can doa ride someday! Take care

Lady R (Di) said...

Loved it! I laughed out loud when the slide of Weedpatch came up and you wrote, "home of BITCH!" Too funny!

Beautiful sunset picture! That's the one thing about riding on back... you can capture so much more on a ride, than when your riding yourself.

Thanks for bringing some great road pics and I can't wait to hear more of the story.

So far, I'm having great time too!!

Learning to Golf said...

The pictures and music were great. Funny how it is now a week later and the story is still being unfolded. That is the greatest gift about taking these trips, retelling the story takes time and it is like still being out on the road.

Next time though you need to be on Patience. Riding the back roads in Arizona is a lot more fun when your at the controls.

B.B. said...

Chessie- Yeah, it was a great route to take. I imagine it would be scarey with only 2 gallons.
It was a pretty remarkable time!

Ms. M.- Thanks, it was a blast, only thing that would've been better is if Carol would've made it.

Ann- Thanks, I was pretty impressed myself. LOL.
I will update you when I talk to BITCH's supervisor.

Steph- It is definately a trip I will always remember.

Chief- Yup, a ride with you would be awesome!

Lady R- I'm glad you're enjoying the tales of our trip, and I'm glad you can tell what a great time we had!

Arizona HD- I think I'll try Patience next time! :)

FLHX_Dave said...

You are officially a road whore in my book now. I have burned up the road with dudes who couldn't have done what you did. You didn't bitch once. I love you for it. We are gonna be riding high forever lady!

B.B. said...

Dave- Nothing to bitch about, it was an awesome trip!

Baron's Life said...

you guyschecked in at 2:00 a long day it was.
Love the slides you made will have to look at them again

Dean "D-Day" said...

You didn't bitch once?! I can't think of the last ride I had where noise wasn't coming from the back seat. Boy, if Dave gets tired of ya someday, I'll take you.

Lots of great pictures. Loved the sunset pics and the "Home Of Bitch" was hilarious.

B.B. said...

Baron- A long day indeed!

Dean- Like I said, nothing to bitch about. It got hot, it got cold, I got hungry, but they were all temporary things, and it wouldn't have done any good to bitch about any of it. I was just happy to be going. As far as Dave getting tired of me...I think we're okay for now, unless there's something I don't know. :)

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