Saturday, June 27, 2009

Amazing Arizona Adventure: Day Two

Ok, so remember how I said that I would always wear a helmet, even if I had the option not to? Yeah, well, one of the first things I said to Dave Saturday morning was, "Hon, do I have to wear my helmet?" I was actually surprised when he said I didn't have to.
Now, I'm not trying to start a helmet debate here, and honestly I don't care to have one, I'm just sharing my own experience. I loved riding without a helmet, there, I said it, me, the "safety girl", loves, loves, loves, no helmet!
If you read Ann's post Taking The Road Less Traveled: Day Two then you will pretty much have much of what I was going to say about Saturday, Thanks Ann! LOL

A couple of things I would add to her story:

Me, bright eyed and bushy tailed? ummm, ok. I don't think anybody has ever used that expression to describe me in the morning, it must have been all the excitement. But at any rate, I'm glad you were impressed. And there was no way that I was going to miss the ride.

As soon as I met Ann and Big D. I knew they were exactly who I thought they were. They are just amazingly decent people. I already knew that Ann and I were a lot alike, and by the time we were done with breakfast I was convinced that we had been separated at birth.

Meeting Arizona Harley Dude and Linda was also awesome. We just all clicked so well, if you were a spectator of our antics, you would've thought that we had been friends for years.

The buffalo...hey, the sign said not to climb on it, it never said we couldn't lay under it. But I have to say, Dave has been making some pretty strange noises ever since we got back.

Dinner at the steakhouse was the best meal I've had in a long time. Like Ann said, we got some looks from the bluehairs, but they were just jealous cuz we were so hot and had ourselves such sexy men, okay, sorry, it just had to be said.

When we got to the bar I was super surprised when Dave asked me to dance, and he wasn't even drunk yet. Dave doesn't like to dance and I've never seen him dance, other than just goofing off at home. But he knows that I love to dance, and being the wonderful man he is, he wanted to make me happy.

Another funny thing that happened...Ann, Linda and I were all dancing together and this very loud, very drunk woman starts dancing with us and high fiving us all around telling us we're a bunch of hot women. I saw a strange look on Linda's face and didn't get it until we went to sit back down and she said, "Did that woman call us white women?" She felt better when we told her what the woman had really said.

It was an awesome day, and I loved the ride! I am definitely planing for this event next year. I was so impressed how welcoming the town was for this event, and how excited everyone was when we went on the little parade through town.

Hope you enjoy the slide show, some of the pics may look familiar from Ann's slide show, but hey, we were all at the same place. Also, I have no pics from Saturday night, they are on Dave's camera, I knew I would be in no shape to take pictures, or even be responsible for the camera.


Ann said...

I forgot about that crazy bitch on the dance floor! LMAO! She was a riot!!!! I'm hoping we can do this run again next year. I also hope more bloggers can make it out next year. This is a perfect run to meet a group of people, because it's not that big! Wouldn't that be a blast?! ;)

Dean "D-Day" said...

Looks like awesome fun!!
Agree Ann. This would be the perfect setting for us to get together.

mq01 said...

hot women vs white women, ROTF!!! i would love to go play... AZ, cake, unless it falls on month end (work, phfft). hmmmmmmmmmmmm..........

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Awesome! You can tell you were having a good time. Tons of smiles in those pictures.

FLHX_Dave said...

I always love going back to take a looky at where I have been. Wow babe! This was alot of fun. I had a great time with you.

Ann, Oh hell yeah! I might be the last rumble that they have in that town if we done that!

Ann said...

Yeah, maybe Dave, but it would be a total fucking blast!!!!!!!

Willy D said...

What! No helmet! You rebel! Of course we woke up on time, 3 hrs sleep is 2 hrs too many. Places to go, people to meet, roads to ride. A whole bunch of people meet in Williams next year?????????? Start planning now.

Jovita @ Inky Impressions said...

Looks like you had a great time.

Lady R (Di) said...

I agree... a great place to get together. Love the road pics. Makes me want to get on and go!

Question... What the hell was Dave and Willy D doing on the ground? Looks kinda like Dave needed a little comfort while taking a nap, and Willy D was happy to provide. LOL! (don't forget... Willy D wanted to know why Dave was running around in boxers, and not comando,the other day!) Your scaring me, dudes!! ROTFLMAO!!!

No helmet???? I've not made that choice yet. There is no helmet law in Florida and I ride there ALL the time. Still have not gone lidless. Just can't do it. I guess I'm not tough as I think. :(

This is just too much fun, reading all your versions of the great adventure. Thanks for posting your great pics. I loved it.

Willy D... Why so quiet at your blog. Got nothing to add? Surely you jest! Bring it!!

B.B. said...

Ann- Great idea! Perfect place for our Blogger Rally. That poor little town won't know what hit them. Lock up all the wooden animals!

Dean- So start planning, we'll see you in Williams next year!

Ms. M.- Work sucks! Except on payday!

Mr. M.- It was great! I'm still smiling!

Dave- And I with you lovey!

Willy- What can I say, it hit me!

Jovi- It was a great time!

Lady R- Yeah, Dave and Willy look a little too comfortable in that picture don't they?
I wouldn't say that wearing a helmet makes you less tough, maybe you just have more brains to protect! LOL. I actually surprised myself by not wearing one.

Becky said...

That looks like a great time! I had no idea it was so GREEN there...I'm used to seeing Phoenix. I hope I can get it together next year and go.


B.B. said...

Becky- I was very surprised at how beautiful Arizona is, and it snows there!

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