Sunday, August 24, 2008

The most exciting laundry day EVER!

Last night Dave and I were talking about all the different runs that would be taking place today. There were three that I knew of and they were all either leaving from, or returning to, Monterey County Harley Davidson. I asked Dave which run he would be going on, and he said that he hadn't really talked to anyone so he wasn't sure what he was going to be doing. Well, I knew exactly what I would be doing....laundry. Or at least the was the plan.

This morning I woke up motivated to get something done. I had just started my laundry and Wolf showed up at Dave's house. He had just been over to the Harley dealership and said it was crazy. All sorts of bikes, people, all that jazz. Immediately Riley asked, "Mom can I go with Dave?" I wasn't really sure what Dave even had planned so I told Riley to ask him, and Dave said ok. Then Dave asked if I wanted to go. HMM...I've kind of been avoiding the dealership. One reason is, I get depressed every time I find a bike I like, and realize I just can't afford it right now, and the other reason is that I feel like the sales guys down there think that I'm just yanking them around every time I go in. That and the fact that I did have a plan to do laundry, I think I'll stay home. But then Wolf said those four little words that always get me, "They had food there." Count me in!
So Dave, Riley and Wolf all geared up and headed off. I got in my car and rolled down the window and stuck my head out to feel the wind in my face. Aww, to be on a bike right now.

Once we got to the dealership, Tom, one of the finance guys grabbed me and said, "Bec, I just took this bike in trade last night, and it is just YOU!" Reluctantly I followed him over to a beautiful fire red pearl Sportster 883. Now, a lot of you may know that I had recently decided against a Sportster, but this one was real "purdy". Tom said, "Come on, sit on her." So I did. To me sitting on a bike is a lot like a first kiss with a new flame, either you feel it, or you don't. I felt it alright. Now why was it that I decided a Sportster wouldn't be right for me...I don't even remember. It felt so good, looked so good. And then Tom told me how much they were asking for her and I had to say, "What was that?" It is a 2004 with barely over 2,000 miles. The man who owned her, bought her in Germany while he was stationed there, and mostly drove around post. When he was deployed he would lock her up in storage. His wife recently decided she wanted to ride with him so he traded in for a bigger bike.
Tom asked what I thought, and I wasn't really sure what to say. I hadn't planned on buying a bike today, but I really liked her, and the price was so great. I knew that if I waited, she would surely be gone. Tom asked Dave if he wanted to go for a test ride for me. I looked and Dave and said, "Would you please?" That is when Dave said, "Wow, you're serious aren't you?"
Dave took her out and tested her for me. I have to say that he looked really funny on the Sportster, after being so used to seeing him on his Street Glide. When he came back he said that she would be a good bike for me. He said she handled really well, and went fast. I won't say how fast, because I would like to make sure that the dealership will allow Dave to test ride bikes in the future.
Tom worked up some numbers for me, came out and told me how much down and my monthly payments and said, "So?"
I said, "Let me go and get my purse."
The paperwork was relatively quick, because they had already been working with me on credit apps and all that stuff, so just sign here, initial here, and that was that!

To make a long story short, (too late) I am the proud new owner of a Fire Red Pearl, 2004 Harley Davidson Sportster 883. Yeah for me!

I will post pictures up later today, it is late and I'm very tired. But I was just really excited and didn't want to wait to share the good news with all my friends! :)


IHG said...

B.B. that is so wonderful! Congrats Girl!!!! Can't wait to see photos of your new beauty! I bet she's amazing!!!! :) I'm so happy for you.

Did you get to ring the Freedom Bell? Dan let me ring it both times we bought our bikes and both times I got big tears in my eyes. I'll be a sobbing idiot when I finally get my own! LOL

YAY B.B.!!!! Happy riding!

Lady R (Di) said...

Woo Hoo! I feel special being one of the first ones here to congratulate you on your new baby! Pearl Red sounds really pretty, and sassy too! Wow, I am soooo excited for you! You better post those pics today!

Some laundry day this turned out to be, heh?

You've made me think of the day I got my first bike, and I know all the emotions your feeling! Excitement, happiness, fear (yes fear). When the realization hits you that your the one controlling the machine under you, fear plays havoc in your mind... Can I do this? Will I be all right? Do I know what I'm doing?
The answer is ... YES!!! You can do all of it! Just know your limitations, and stay within your comfort zone. The rest will follow with time and experience.

I wish I could be there and ride with you. I think I'm as excited as you are! I am proud to know another sister will be joining us on the road with other women riders! You go girl!

I'll be watching for the next post. I'm sure I'll have more to say! ;)

Dean "D-Day" said...

YES!!! OMG!! I'm so happy for you! As I was reading your story, my eyes started welling up just feeling your excitement.

Lady R is right. There will be lots of emotions. Don't give in to fear.

Ride safe, ride free and feel the road-mance!

Becky said...

Yay, that's exciting. Take lots of photos and then get out and start riding! I have a fondness for red myself so I know it's beautiful. Glad you're a little impulsive. Sometimes you just have to take advantage of the moment.


"Joker" said...

As soon as I read the part about going to the dealership, I had an idea what was coming! Then, as soon as I saw 883, I was like, "NOOOooooo! Hold out for the Big Twin!" Well, you know what, I'm a big fraud. How can I lecture you about impulse buying a Sporty, when that's exactly what I did last year, LOL!

It was the first Harley I looked at. I sat on it, and it felt right. I liked the look and the price was right. Done. Same as you. In hindsight, maybe I'd have done better if I'd waited or looked around more. On the other hand, my bike's been good to me and we've both been down, touched bottom, and come back up again. I can't complain.

2004 was a good year for Sportys. So welcome to the club, congrats and big hugs! I remember how exciting it was for me so I can relate to how you must feel now. Enjoy! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures when I get back from the rally.

Ann said...

Congratulations!!! I'm really happy for you! I can't wait to see the pictures! I had goosebumps while reading your post. Can't wait til mine is running!

Ride safe!

Anonymous said...

When I read your comment over on Joker's blog, I thought "no she didn't...did she?...OMG I bet she did!!!!" And I had to run right over here and read your post! :-D

Welcome to the club girl! And don't feel bad about not waiting for the big twin. I am a firm believer that if you keep putting things off until you can afford it or until its the right time, all you are doing is putting it off. You will never have enough money, and it will never become the right time. Sometimes, you just have to say "screw it, I'm gonna go ride!!" (even if it takes a compromise)

I am so happy for you. I am sure that you will love your new ride. Treat her right and she will return the favor. I'd bet money that Dave will not let you go off and do anything crazy on her until you are ready, so I'm not going to give you any "sensible" advice. I'm sure you will do fine.

Ride on, sister! :-D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's exciting buying your first motorcycle! The second one is pretty exciting also. The third one too! The fourth and the fifth are fun too. I guess they all are, but not as exciting as the first one! The first one is the best! It's a life changing event! Be safe and hide the keys from Dave the batwing wearing motorcycle addict.

B.B. said...

Stephanie- Thank you so much! I am waiting for Dave to get here with his camera so I can put up my pics.
I didn't ring the bell. :( Things down there were pretty chaotic with all they had going on. I am surprised I didn't cry..I'm such a boob. But I think I was too much in shock. LOL.

Lady R- She is so pretty! See above comment as far as pics go. Yes, lots of emotions.. and feeling like I was going to throw up while Dave was taking her home for me and I was following in the car. I will definately stay within my comfort zone, I saw first hand with our friend Dale what can happen when you try to "keep up" with more experienced riders. And I will be getting lots of practice before I try to pretend I really know what I'm doing. :)

Dean- Thank you! Fear is not an option! :) Ok, maybe just a little bit of fear keeps us out of trouble.

Becky- Thanks. Yeah, impulsive is a good thing sometimes. What's important is that I woke up this morning still happy with my choice.

Joker- I know, I know, can you believe it...a Sporty, an 883 no less. But it was a steal, so I figure when I need a bigger bike I won't be out much if I have to sell her. But right now I can't even imagine ever wanting to do that. I know I will go bigger later, but hopefully by then we will be in a position to keep my baby and get another bike. Riley already has decided I can keep her for when he is old enough to ride, although he says he will have to paint her. :)

Ann- Thank you! Pics soon, I promise! I can't wait for yours to be up too, looking forward to those posts!

Mrs RC- Thanks! It's been rough realizing I may not be able to get the bike that I "really" wanted to start. But I have to say that I am a very happy girl right now! The important thing is I will be able to ride, and I think all in all she is going to be a perfect bike for me right now. Dave is very protective right now, so no need to worry there.

RC- Thanks, it was pretty exciting, and I look forward to many more over the years. :) Yeah, I'm trying to keep Dave away, but I don't have anywhere to park her, so she's in his garage. But, I have the keys!

To all of you...Thank you so much for your encouragement and for sharing in my excitement. I almost feel like this wouldn't have happened without all of you cheering me on. I really appreciate having you all as friends who I can share this journey with! Sorry for being sappy, but I truly mean every word!

Big Daddy said...

Sportys have a way of getting in to your soul.
Many many congrats!!!
Fire red pearl?
Awesome color.:]

B.B. said...

Thanks Big D!

-Connie said...

YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you, and a little jealous. Scratch that. A lot jealous! I can't wait to see some pics!!! A friend of mine just bought a Nightster, so I've been living through you guys on buying my first bike hehehe.

Ronman said...

Way to go Miss B.B. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

B.B. said...

Connie- Thank you! Believe me girl, I was beggining to think that it wasn't going to happen, but then it just did! Your's is next!

Ronman- Thanks! That's exactly what I said!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I swear to God, I actually have tears of joy for you right now. I am soooo happy for you. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Potato club girl!
In case you did not know what that is, it's becomming an official owner of your own Harley Davidson. The sound one makes is is Potato Potato Potato.

I remember the feeling like it was yesterday.

B.B. said...

Mr.M- Thanks! That is so funny, I have never heard potato before, but that is exactly what she sounds like!

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