Monday, December 1, 2008

Main Roads, and Back Roads, and Freeways, OH MY!

Saturday started out chilly and windy so I wasn't sure if we would ride much. Dave, as most of you know, will ride no matter what. I, on the other hand, am not sure yet how much wind or cold I can handle, especially since I don't have any really cold weather gear. I don't have chaps, and my gloves and jacket are both pretty lightweight.
By late morning the wind started to die down and the sun was out and warming up. I decided we should get out for a little bit even if it didn't turn into a long ride. We started out at the Harley dealership, as usual. We met Willy D. and Carol there and got our Saturday staple of hot dogs and chips.
We headed out with no destination in mind. Dave was the leader for the day, and lead he did. He led us on some of the crappiest roads I've ever been on, thanks Dave. No, I really mean that, thanks. I need to learn to deal with all kinds of riding situations, and when better to do it than when I am following a great rider, and have one behind me as well.
The first road Dave took us on was nothing but potholes. Dave would point out a big hole in the road, and I would think to myself, "maybe he should just point to a part of the road that isn't destroyed."
When we got to a stop sign I asked if he had ever been on that road before, and he said no. Well at least I know he didn't know what he was getting me into.
Other than that if you asked me where we went that day, I couldn't really be specific. I know we took a lot of roads I have never been on before, some of them were pretty curvy, and I think I did ok. I'm doing better about keeping up, while still staying within my own comfort zone.
We ended up in San Juan Bautista at some point, and it was absolutely beautiful over there, I'm guessing high 70's or maybe even low 80's. We sat around for a little bit and then the boys asked which way I wanted to go home. I opted for the freeway (shhh...don't tell, I'm not supposed to be on the freeway with my permit) At that point it wasn't windy and it was a good time of day, so there wouldn't be too much traffic. The ride on the freeway was great, I feel so much better about my ability to keep up with Dave. I am really starting to figure out exactly how much power my little baby has in her.
Our ride ended like most of the others, at the coffee shop to relax and visit before ending the day. I checked my odometer, 60 miles for the day. Sixty miles of pure enjoyment, sixty miles of variety on new roads. And I noticed, only 51 miles to go until I have put 1,000 miles on my girl since I got her. To some of you that may not seem like a lot, but to me, it will be a milestone. I don't want to start sounding redundant, but it will be 1,000 miles of doing something I never expected to do in my lifetime.


Dean "D-Day" said...

Almost 1000 miles? That's awesome!
I love hearing about your rides and the new found joys of riding through your eyes. Keep up the great job.

fasthair said...

Ms. BB: You can see the excitement of every new adventure you take in your writing. I remember so many of these same feelings. Your first thousand is something to be proud of and enjoy. Some bikes/riders never see that… aka Jokers new ride. The best part is after you get that first milestone you will be looking forward to the next thousand and before long the first 10K milestone, then 50K and on and on.

Your permit deal must be different then here. In Iowa as long as you are within eyes site of a licensed rider you can go anywhere you want.

As far as the gear goes… Christmas is coming… hint hint Dave!


FLHX_Dave said...

It was a great ride with all sorts of road. That crappy road was all part of the plan to get you started on obstacle avoidance. WillyD thought the road sucked too by the way.

You are doing great! You just might be ready for Sturgis 2009.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, girl! I don't really know when I hit my first 1000 on the Sporty...I was always looking at the trip meter to see when I needed to get gas!! (But I am sure it wasn't before I put her up for the first winter)

It was a huge deal when I got my Dyna though. I had to schedule my 1K service after only 3 weeks. Jay says he thinks I even beat his fisrt K!

Delaware is similar with a permit. No highways, no passengers, and you are the only one (besides a kid) who has to wear a helmet! I won't tell about your indiscretions if you won't...

Ride safe

Learning to Golf said...

Congratulations BB on your first 1000 miles as a rider. I have been thinking of epic rides lately and I think this would qualify as an epic ride. Now you can look forward to getting those next three zeros after the 1000.

Ann said...

That's very cool! I always find that I'm surprised at how much I can do when I push my limits. Good for you!

Lady R (Di) said...

The first 1000 miles. Woo Hoo! I share the excitement with you girl! I enjoy hearing about your adventures, you take me back and it never hurts any of us to be a little humbled. I remember one of my first encounters with rough roads. It seemed like I hit more holes than I missed, but that's part of it. After you jar your ass a couple times, you really get better at missing them! LOL! Keep it up!

Mimi said...

That IS a big milestone. Keep it up, girl!

B.B. said...

Dean- Thanks! I'm sure sometimes I sound like a little kid with new shoes, cuz that's exactly how I feel.

Fasthair- Thank you, and thanks for the hints for Dave.
With a permit in California your restrictions are:
1. No riding on the freeway
2. No riding at night.
3. No riding with a passenger.
So far, I've followed number 3. ;)

Dave- So it was planned! :)

Mrs. RC- Yup, I spend quite a bit of time looking at the trip too. :)

AZ Harley Dude- Thanks! I just read your post on Epic rides, I really enjoyed it.

Ann- I guess if we never pushed our limits we'd always stay exactly where we were. Huh, that sounds kinda like something Dave would say. :)

Lady R- I did hit more than I missed, but like you've said before, it's all a learning experience. I'm glad I can bring back some memories.

Mimi- Thanks! :)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Keep it up, and keep writing about the rides. I love to live vicariously, although, I'd rather be riding than reading.

IHG said...

Thanks for sharing your very candid thoughts with us. Congrats on 1000 miles!! I think it's awesome how far you have come! You are a great inspiration to me.

B.B. said...

Mr. M. & Steph- Thanks! Don't worry I will keep riding and writing, the feedback I get from everyone here really encourages me. :)

Willy D said...

Don't know what you meant by potholes. I didn't see any. That's what Carol said. What do you think she meant by that?
Backseat drivers LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll put another 1000 miles before alot of us. It's been a couple weeks now since I rode. I hate cold weather! Way to go!

Mastercheif said...

Rock hard! Ride Free!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find an email address to let you know directly, but your blog has been added to Clutch and Chrome Blog Directory!!

You can check out this page; to learn more having your blog included in the directory.

Enjoy your blog!


B.B. said...

Willy D.- Hey, watch who you're talking to....I wasn't in the back!

RC- It might just happen, our weather is getting a little colder, but still tolerable and dry.

Masterchief- Always!

Editor Clutch & Chrome- Thank you very much, I consider it an honor.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Clutch & Chrome: Congrats girl!

Word Verification for today: kenyall

As in: "Kenyall quiet down! I'm tryin' ta sleep!"

Webster World said...

B.B. that is great. I started riding in 1965. And to this day I look forward to every ride. Well I may bitch if it is below 30 with a wind. My verifi word here is: congless As in "congless girl on your ride:

B.B. said...

Dean & Webster- Thanks guys! LOL at the word verifications.