Saturday, February 20, 2010

Restuarant Rant of The Week

I approach a table, ask if they are ready to order or if they need more time. One, or sometimes all of the people at the table say. "We're ready to order."
Okay, ten seconds, okay, twenty seconds, "Okay, well let me give you all a little more time to make your decisions."
"No, we're ready now."
Okay, ten seconds, okay, twenty seconds, okay, now I'm starting to stare off into space or looking around at my other tables who might be waiting for me to get them something while you're monopolizing my time while you read the menu.
If you aren't ready, say you aren't ready. I will come back. Not only is it completely uncomfortable for me to stand over you at your table in silence, but it is also rude to all the other guests in the restaurant who are also paying for my time and attention.


IHG said...

I really like these rants of yours.

Bill Chapman said...

my favorite is the one timers....the idiots who ask you for something everytime they see you ...and tip like 5 bucks on 75....butter, more you need it fatass....more napkins, extra spoon, more diet soda,....for gods sake people

mq01 said...

clueless people shouldnt blow my mind anymore, but they do. it never ceases to amaze me...

Willy D said...

I’ll agree, that can be annoying.

Can you say: “Opps! Sorry I spilt that on your lap!”

Ann said...

It seems to me that people get stupid when they visit your restaurant. Are you serving enough brain food? ;)

B.B. said...

Steph- I'm glad you're enjoying my ranting, I know it's helping me! :)

Plaid- Yeah, those are good ones too!

MQ- I'm amazed everyday by just how clueless some people can be.

Willy- There are many reasons you shouldn't piss off your server, that's one of them.

Ann- People are just stupid in general, I wish I could say they only acted this way after they have been drinking, but nope, just stupid.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Yet another great rant. Keep enlightening us stupid folk.

Baron's Life said...

This is turning out to be an intereting serie of articles. I really think you should keep this column runing.
I'll have to check and see if you made one on tipping manners and actual tipping patterns
and yes I'd like to see one on what actually happen in the kitchen