Friday, July 17, 2009

You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

We all go through situations in our life when we really need our friends. Sometimes the people we consider our closest friends are the one's who bail on us when we need them the most. It hurts, it especially hurts when these people are the one's we've stood by in their worst times. But if we stood by them for the right reasons then it wasn't because we expected something in return. I guess a positive thing we can take away from a situation like this is that it weeds out the people we don't really need in our lives and it leaves us with more time, energy, and love to share with the people who really deserve it.


FLHX_Dave said...

Well, I would like to think that I am your best friend. You certainly are my best friend and I want you to know that I appreciate every little thing you have done for me.

You make me a better man.

Word Verification: likey

"Joker" said...

You said that very, very well, and I believe that is 100% true. You always find out people's true colors when the chips are down. Refusing to sink to their level and always trying to do what's right is what gets us through it - and all that really counts.

mq01 said...

there are friends for a reason,
a season, and sometimes for even a lifetime.

no matter how tough some connections might be, i remind myself that it is/was/is always an honor to have friends, for however long it lasts.

thanks b.b., i needed this. :)

Ed said...

It's a sad but true fact that some of our friends are just talkers and need to be weeded out every now and then. While I have many an aquaintance (can't spell to save my life) I have precious few real friends that are willing to walk the walk when it's needed.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Wow. This is really freaky.
I've talked with two different people this week about "weeding your garden".

Truer words were never spoken my friend.

I have friends who I'm not sure that I could count on in an emergency. I know that there several biker bloggers though that I could count on when the chips are down.

IHG said...

Honestly...I believe the biker bloggers would be there for me more often then the friends I've met here in Des Moines.(and I've never met any of you) Except for friend Michelle from work. She's a keeper!

B.B. said...

Dave- You are my best friend. With all the shit we've gone through together, you're still here, and that speaks volumes! LYVM!

Joker- So true! Sometimes the people you expect to bail are the ones who get you through while the ones you thought would be there disapear.

Ms. M- I had that quote in my head most of the day, and we never really know which ones are just for a season.

Ed- Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. There are a lot of people in my life who claim to be a friend, but only a few who actually know what being a friend means.

Dean & Steph- I was thinking about all my blogger friends and thinking about how lately you are the people I would rather share my life with. Too bad you all live so damn far away! :)

Big Daddy said...

Justa because I didn't see the update on yer post....You go and get all mad at me.
That's harsh.

Seriously tho.
You need my to ride out and me and your boys go and teach a lesson in manners to whoever it was that let you down?
my word ver
Are you kidding me?
I'm beginning to get a bit paranoid about this stuff
It's like they are reading what your gonna write before you even think it.
Dave says he's awfully fond of you..he gets the word likey.
I say want me to come? Divine inspiration gives it's blessing

Ann said...

Weeding out the assholes is necessary. You can't count on them for anything. Glad you got that done. Now get on with it. :)

Lady R (Di) said...

I think bloggers become true and fast friends because we are sharing what's in our hearts here. Friends that are right there with ya don't always listen to ya. But your blogger friends... if they're reading... they're listening.

Hope you get your gardening done. Damn those weeds!

B.B. said...

Big D.- LOL. You made me laugh, thank you! I would love for you and Ann to come out here, but we would be having too much fun to waste our time on those that don't matter.

Ann- It is necessary. I'm on with it! :)

Lady R- You are right, I think that's exactly why I feel closer to most of you than other people in my life.

Baron's Life said...

A friend in need is a friend indeed...very well said B.B. loved the little video

GYMONR said...

Hmmm I guess we all have friends like that, I’m dealing with one now…ha-ha
Big Al

B.B. said...

Baron- THanks!

GYMONR- Isn't it great!?

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