Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring, and things are getting boring!

We have been getting a lot of rain here in sunny California. It's great because we really need the rain. The Governator declared a state of emergency due to the drought we are facing for the third year in a row. It would just be nice if it could rain all night and then quit during the day.

When I took the kid to school this morning I was optimistic. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining brightly. I figured I could get a couple things done and then get some riding in since I have the day off from work. So just as I was getting ready to leave the coffee shop the rain started really coming down, no ride for me today.

Since I can't ride, and I don't want to go home to clean, I decided to share a couple of things that really peeve me!

1. I'm sick of people being in such a hurry all the time. I usually drive 5 miles over the speed limit, and I always try to stay in the slow lane so speed demons can pass me. But this doesn't seem good enough for those assholes who are in a huge hurry. I love it when some dumb ass rides my ass for 5 miles, finally decides to pass and then ends up next to me at the next red light. Here's a tip folks....if you're late for work, you're still going to be late no matter how fast you drive. Try waking up a few minutes earlier, or taking a shorter shower. Give yourself more time. Don't get me wrong, there are times that I like to drive fast, just to drive fast, but I don't tailgate, and I don't weave in and out of traffic just to get one car length ahead of someone.
This whole being in a hurry thing also applies to people waiting in lines. A few years ago Riley and I went to Disneyland for Christmas. I knew on Christmas Day it was going to be packed, and I resigned myself to the fact that we would be doing a lot of waiting. And we did, in line for the rides, the bathrooms, and food. I was amazed at the people waiting in line bitching about having to wait...what did they expect? And then they would be rude to the people working. Hey, give these folks a break, they're doing the best they can, putting up with assholes like you and doing it with a smile on their face.

2. I'm in a public bathroom, let's say there are ten stalls and I'm the only one in there. Someone comes in and has to use a stall right next to mine. Why does this bother me? I don't know, personal space maybe. Same thing at Dave's coffee shop. There are ten computers, I'm the only one here, and someone comes in and has to sit right next to me.

3. The lack of common courtesy. Someone holds a door for you, say thanks. How hard is that? The other day I saw a lady who had her hands full so I went out of my way to open the door for her and she didn't even smile or nod or anything. Now, I believe that we should be decent human beings without expecting anything in return, but it would be nice just to know that someone appreciates when you do something nice for them. People have told me before that I care too much what people think about me because there are certain conversations I won't have in public, or certain things I won't do, it isn't about what they think about me, it's about trying to be aware of other people's comfort levels. Do I think I need to change my whole life to accommodate others? No, I don't, but I also don't think it's too much to ask of me to move a few feet away while smoking so that it isn't blowing into the faces of people who choose not to damage their lungs. Or for me not to curse like a sailor in Chuck-E-Cheese and educate other people's children in all the different ways you can use the "F" word.

4. People who bitch and bitch and bitch about a situation that they could change if they wanted to, but they don't do anything about it but continue to bitch to anybody who will listen. Venting is one thing, and there are things in all of our lives that we cannot change. I complain about things, but I also try to change the things that are in my control.

5. Bill collectors. Yes, I understand if I owe your company money it is your right to get it from me, and I should pay it. You are doing your job and I understand that. Here is my issue...You call me and say my minimum payment is past due in the amount of $150. Ok, I'm out of work right now, I would really like to pay you something, but all I have in my account right now is $75. I would be happy to pay that and then pay the remaining as soon as possible. And then you say, "Well do you think you could pay $125?" Hello? I just told you how much I could pay, and that is what I can pay right now. Take it or leave it. Ok, you'll take it. You can set up a check by phone. Great. Oh, guess what there is a $25 fee for that. Well sorry, make that payment $50 then.

Ok, I think those are the only things I can think of right now. Thanks for letting me vent for a few minutes, now I think I can go home and clean. Oh wait, that's #6. Cleaning, I do it, it gets dirty again, what's up with that?


Ann said...

Excellent post!

Here are my comments:

1. I hate the fucking rain.

2. I hate people who are in a hurry all the time. They need to slow the hell down!

3. Rude assholes bug me, too!

4. I TOTALLY get the personal space thing! LOL!

5. LOL@ learning new ways to use the F word at Chuck E. Cheese!

6. I bitch a lot too, but then I go an make a change...I hate people that bitch unconstructively! Those assholes!

7. Bill collectors will ALWAYS suck!

8. I hate cleaning too.

I hope your day doesn't totally suck and I hope you are getting some cleaning done! :)

FLHX_Dave said...

Bitch'in bitches about bitchers who are always bitching. Those dirty bitches!! Bitch away you bit...errr...sweetie pie.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Excellent post!

Here are my comments:

1. It's cold in Minnesota, and we still have plenty of snow. So I don't feel sorry for your rain out.

2. I am one of those assholes who is always driving fast, weaving in and out of traffic. Not 'cause I'm usually in a hurry, but more so because I can't stand taking my fast car, or motorcycle for walks. I feel the need for speed. I always have. I also hate having someone in front of me, especially if they are driving something tall that I can't see through, or over. I used to drive a truck, but love muscle cars more. I always want to be the car in front. However, I won't tailgate someone in the right lane. I'll tailgate the shit out of you in the left lane if you don't move the hell over though.

This weaving and passing thing applies more so to me in a car than a motorcycle.

3. Rude assholes bug me, too!

4. I get the personal space thing too.

5. LOL, I like to refer to the "F" word, or the Fnheimer as the Fuckinheimer.

6. I rarely bitch. I make changes and accept the things I cannot.

7. I've been lucky, and not had to deal with bill collectors, not to say I've never fallen on hard times though.

8. I hate cleaning too.

I hope your day doesn't totally suck and I hope you are finding a better way to spend it than cleaning! :)

One Harley Rider said...

BB - Nice post, I hope the rain ends soon so you can ride. With your personal space issues I think you would have a great time in China. Their view is that if you are not a friend of theirs then you do not exist. It's not a dislike or anything, its just how they survive in a land of over a billion people and a small city is considered one with only 6 million. If you dont exist to them they dont see you when they run in front of you in line or backup into your space. I have used the old American Stiff arm to protect my space and my wife's as we were getting on and off airplanes.

One Harley Rider said...

BB - Nice post, I hope the rain ends soon so you can ride. With your personal space issues I think you would have a great time in China. Their view is that if you are not a friend of theirs then you do not exist. It's not a dislike or anything, its just how they survive in a land of over a billion people and a small city is considered one with only 6 million. If you dont exist to them they dont see you when they run in front of you in line or backup into your space. I have used the old American Stiff arm to protect my space and my wife's as we were getting on and off airplanes.

"Joker" said...

Don't ever give up your common courtesy because so many others in public act like jackholes.

I happen to be one of those people who's always in a hurry, but I never tailgate anyone who is either in a right hand or slow lane, or has so many vehicles in front of them there just isn't anywhere to go.

What I HATE, and I mean with a passion, are people who hog the road when they are not in a hurry, and could easily be in a slower lane. My rule is, if there's nobody in front of you, someone behind you, and you're in the left lane, MOVE the F**K over!!! Simple! I don't care if I'm doing 80, if someone wants to get by, I move. I figure they're my blocker for the cops.

In fact, if I took over tomorrow, there would be no more fines for speeding. I think it should be like in Germany, do 100 if you want. I'd increase fines for road hogging, not signaling, cutting people off, and just poor driving. It's not about speed, just simple lack of courtesy.

Ahhh! I feel better now, thanks!!

Willy D said...

If every time you clean, and it just gets dirty again, it’s perfectly obvious to me that Dave is not cleaning correctly. I think you should bitch him out!

Baron's Life said... case you didn't know...we share the same initials..for mine are also B.B. and hence perhaps the affinity.
1- Rain...hell try the snow and being caged because of it.
2- People in a hurry...who gives a shit... Confucius says he who drives like hell gets there faster...I'm always in a rush but if a slow poke is in my way...I give them some time to realize what they are doing and comes speedy out
3- Assholes nevr bother me...for they too have their usefulness...depends on how you use them.
4- Personal space don't bother me none...think of all the aromatic smells taht personal closeness can bring...the animal in me is ....wild...!
5- The F we really know what it means...From Us Colored Kids.
6- I always love a bitch...especially in certain times
7- Bill Collectors...they need to be shot...for they have absolutely no class...uneducated goons.
8- I hate cleaning so much, I get my wife to do
But seriousely, I agree with you..the world would be a much better place if everybody and evryone was more civil...but better face it it ain't never gonna happen.

Ann said...

Sorry about all my F-bombs! I had a wild hair across my ass today! :)

Baron's Life said...

Hey Ann...did anybody offer to shave them off?

Lady R (Di) said...

I know the feeling of getting "stir crazy"! I get that way too if I haven't been able to ride as much as I want to. My rain song worked last time, maybe you should try it again.

Space is cool. When people crowd your space... it's not so cool. I had to chuckle about your peeve of someone choosing a bathroom stall right next to yours. Quick little story: I have a habit of pushing the door open a little before I decide if it's the one I'll use. Sometimes, the toilet is so nasty in one, I'll go the next.(Women can be so filthy sometimes!) I did this in an empty restroom once (or so I thought)and when I pushed on a random door stall, I hit a lady in the head who was squatting and wiping! Out of all the doors, I picked one that someone was in and had no lock! She and I were both pretty embarrassed, but I still had to laugh because I kept remembering the little "OOhh!" that lady peeped when I clobbered her with the door.

As far as those pesty bill collectors. Here's something to remember. This works for many things in life, not just out of hand bills. "The best way to eat an elephant, is one bite at time."

Great post BB. Sorry about all the rude and hurried people in life. Hopefully, you'll be able to get on that bike soon and put everything into a better perspective. Works for me! Hang in there girl! ;)

Ann said...

Hey Baron's, are you offering? ;)

Anonymous said...

Great Post BB. Everyone can relate to those issues in one way or another. Get ya some good rain gear!

Ride on,

Dean "D-Day" said...

Guess what folks?! I'm that irratating fucker in the left lane in front of you who's not going 90 mph. And why do I do it???

Just because I can!

If the speed limit is 65 and I'm doing 70, I'm not moving just because you want to drive like an asshole and go 90. There are two other lanes - use one of them.

Does it piss you off? Too bad! I'm not going to alter my ways just because you feel the need to drive like a jackass!

So there! Want me to tell ya what I really think?!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Dean, I love you like a brother man, but I gotta say, You would piss me off if we met on the road like that.
I don't typically drive 90 though, so It would usually net even be an issue. If it was posted at 65, and you were doing 70, in most cases, no-one would bother you. I guess when it pisses me off, is when guys like yourselves, purposely box someone in so they can't even go around.

I heard a state trooper on a radio show say that people who drive like this in the left lane, are actually more of a danger than the speeder trying to get by. They create a reason for the speeder to drive even more erratically, and can likely cause an incident of road rage. He suggested just moving over and let them pass, then He'll worry about doling out the speeding tickets. You were a cop, man. You should know this.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I'm not saying that I purposely go out of my way to box in asshole drivers. I'm saying that if I happen to be in the left lane when you come flying up my rear bumper at 100 mph, I'm not going out of my way to accomodate you if you're driving like a jackass. If you're in THAT much of a hurry, then go around! Don't ride my ass!!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Dean, I'll give you that much. It's particularly annoying though when there is no one in front of the person in the left lane slowing traffic up, when they can move over, let the people who want to drive faster go by, then get back in the left lane again if they so choose. That's all I'm saying.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Dean, Let me add to my last comment. It is left lane policing that pisses off speeders, when they "can't" just go around.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I guess my comments were pointed at the poeple who come flying up your ass at 100 mph in the left lane. There isn't another car within 1/2 a mile yet they'll ride your ass just because you happen to be in their way. Turn the steering wheel in your f'n Lexus or Beemer and go around!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Fair enough. I don't really disagree with that.

Baron's Life said...

Sorry Ann, I'm not an assman...prefer

B.B. said...

Wow! Who knew this little post would bring out such a discussion in ya'll. LOL.

Ann- I love the way you put it "bitch unconstructively!" Yes!
Don't worry about your 'F' bombs, we aren't at Chuck-E-Cheese. The last time I was there I saw a couple get in a fist fight in the middle of a kid's birthday party. I was like WTF?

Dave- LMAO! You're funny honey!

Mr. M.- Yeah, I didn't expect much sympathy from the East coasters.
I usually don't drive in the left lane, and if I do I always move over for traffic behind me, goes back to the courtesy thing.

Harley Rider- I think China would be a little hard for me to handle.

JOker- I'm not talking to you for the simple fact that you are leaving for AZ today! LOL
If you took over tomorrow I'm sure it would be an interesting change indeed.

Willy- I think you're right, I'm going to talk to him right now!

Baron- Thanks for the positive look at some of those things! :)

Lady R- I'm trying the song, I'll let you know if it works!
I'm laughing so hard at your bathroom story!

Torch- I do need to get some good rain gear, but also I've never ridden in the rain and I'm still a little intimidated by it.

Dean- You are such a rebel! LOL. I have to say though that if somebody is coming up on me that fast I'm almost afraid to move over because that is usually about the time that they decide to swerve into the other lane.

Webster World said...

We hear all the time how y'all need rain. No drought this year I hope. I don't bitch much. Why? I do 75 in a 70 and I'm not moving till I feel like it. Yep I hate rude too. I say thank you. I say the f work but not in public. Bill collectors " go f yourself". I pay when I can. The wife will be home soon so I better get to cleaning:( Veri. word...angal I guess I should clean up my mouth or fingers here:)

B.B. said...

Webster- Well you better stop typing and get to cleaning before the wife gets home. LOL

Motor-head Lady said...

Hi B. B.,
I totally agree with you on all the points with the exception of cleaning, I'm a weird one, I like to clean. Go figure?

About the bathroom stall- I was reminded of a trip to the Mall with my daughter-in-law and her mother. We all have a great time together always. Well this day we trekked into the bathroom, did our duty and met outside. My daughter-in-law and I made it out first and a few minutes later up trots her mom. She says "how long have u 2 been here" we said "a few minutes", she gets this look of horror across her face...out walks this woman who shoots us all a nasty look as she walks by. Turns out my daughter-in-laws mom, upon hearing a very loud fart in the stall next to her, sticks her hand under the stall wall and wags her finger back and forth saying "ut ut ut, tsk tsk tsk!"...she thought it was one of us!
I loved it!

B.B. said...

MHL- I'm dying! I can only imagine that scene. LOL
I envy you, I wish I liked to clean, it would make it so much easier.

Unknown said...

Well...So Cal is still where I want to be right now! Lots of little good things about So Cal. I know the bill dude would catch up to me there too, but I'd be in So Cal!

Big Daddy said...

There wasn't a drop of rain in Yuma.
:] Just some damn 'Joker'
smiling like cheshire cat.