Sunday, October 12, 2008

My 18th Birthday! Ha Ha!

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes. I'm sure you all know that Dave was kidding when he said it was my 18th, he's such a kidder. No, this was a milestone for me though....21. Yes, now I can finally go check out some of these biker bars I've been hearing about.
I had a great day. It was a pretty low key celebration, but I had everything I needed, my two favorite boys, good friends, and food! The only thing I didn't get to do that I wanted to was ride, but it was just too busy.

We had a great dinner with Willy D. and Carol. She was also celebrating her 21st Birthday! Unfortunately we forgot the camera at dinner, I would've loved to share pics of Willy D. in his nice clothes. (Not that leather isn't nice, but you know.)

Willy D. and Carol bought me a cute little Teddy Bear.

After dinner we came home and had cake. Dave and Riley made the cake for me, it was so good!

Then we watched a movie that I got to rent free from Hollywood Video. I don't know how many of you have Hollywood Video where you are, but if you're a member you get a free rental on your Birthday, cool huh! We got "The Forbidden Kingdom". If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, it was awesome!

Riley fell asleep right after the movie so Dave and I decided to open up the bottle of wine that my boss had given me. I'm not usually much of a wine drinker, but I'm not going to turn it down if someone gives it to me. It was White Merlot, I'd never even heard of it, but it was pretty good.

Only problem was that the wine glasses were too small, so I had to find something better to drink out of.

As for the spankings....well a lady doesn't kiss and tell.....hmmm, I don't know really if I'm a lady....ok, well let's just say that the rest of the evening was very can all use your imaginations.

Thanks again for the Birthday wishes. Thanks Willy D. and Carol for sharing the day with us. Thanks Riley and Dave for a wonderful cake, and Dave thanks for everything else!


Ann said...

So glad you had a good birthday! You don't look a day over 18! ;)

LOVE the bear! And that's my kind of wine glass! Woo-hoo!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Wine out of a beer mug...
What a classy broad!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for my 21st birthday!!!!

FLHX_Dave said...

If I didn't know any better I would have thought it was my birthday.

Anonymous said...

Was that remark a reflection on BB's "use your imagination" comment???? ;-)

Sounds like a fabulous day. Home made cakes are always the best, aren't they? And a free video?--way cool! Too bad you didn't get to ride...but then again, I never get to ride on my birthday (first week of March is just about the crappiest weather all year)! ...maybe one day I will make it to Daytona.......

"Joker" said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Glad you and the two boys had a good time. I've often thought Dave was baked as opposed to that he can bake. I stand corrected.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to you too, Dave!

B.B. said...

Ann- Thanks! Isn't that bear great? I love it too!

Dean- Yup, that's me. Nothing but glass, I mean class.

Marcie- 21 is so great, I think I'll be 21 every year from now on.

Dave- ;)

Mrs. RC- It was awesome. It would be so cool to go to Daytona for your birthday, you should do it!

Joker- Thanks! I'd say both are correct!

IHG said...

Glad you you had an awesome day!

Girl...Wine in a beer mug! That's awesome...I'll have to remember that. I bet you got almost an entire bottle in that! :)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Glad you had a good one!
Oh to be 21 again! My birthday is one day before yours. I just celebrated being twenty eighteen.

B.B. said...

Steph- Just about a whole bottle in there. I just figured it would be easier than having to get up and refill my glass, I guess I could've just drank from the bottle. LOL

Mr. M- Well Happy Belated Birthday to you! Hope you had a great day!

Lady R (Di) said...

I'm glad you had a good day. Thanks for sharing your 21st with us! LOL! Sorry you didn't get the motorcycle out for your birthday, but I'm sure Dave made sure you had a nice birthday ride! Shhh! But if he didn't, go kick his ass! Happy Birthday again, and I hope you have many more!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Thanks B.B. I had a good one!

B.B. said...

Thanks Lady R. Don't worry, all was taken care of!

Mimi said...

Happy belated birthday. Now that you're legal, go out and enjoy!

B.B. said...

Thanks Mimi!