Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Want To Ride WHERE? To Look At WHAT?

When I was first presented with "The Mission" it sounded a lot like the needle in a haystack scenario, but once I learned all of the details it sounded more like an adventure that needed to be had.
I felt honored to be allowed to participate in such a voyage. I opted for the title of "Pillion Queen" for the day. Seven hundred miles in one day is just a little out of my comfort zone right now.
So it was settled. Dave and I would accompany Ms. MQ01 on a journey for a dead tree. A dead tree that held sentimental significance for a man we consider a friend although we have never met. By the end of the day that same dead tree would hold significance for the new friendship that was formed on that day.
Riding with MQ was hard! I say that in a good way. She rides hard, and I'm thankful I chose not to ride my own on that day. I look forward to someday being as skilled a rider as my new friend. I really admire her as a rider, and also as a woman. She is an independent woman, but she also understands the importance of having good people in her life. I consider the addition of MQ in my life a positive one.
When I think about my blogger friends who I've been fortunate enough to meet in person, I have to say that I've not been disappointed. So far I've met six of you and you have all been just as great in person as you appear on your blogs. I may not have wealth, but I have some pretty great friends thanks to this stupid computer, so I am a rich woman.
Anyways, I digress, here are some random pics from the day, ENJOY!

These horses came all the way across their coral just to say hi and check out Dave's bike!

Richmond San Rafael Bridge

Getting close:

Does anyone know who this guy is?

Especially for Ann & Linda:

Especially for Big D. and AHD:

The destination:

Dave's dead end road:


IHG said...

Ok...that guy is an actor but I don't know his name.

You are way ahead of me on meeting people. I've only met 2 so far. Hopefully we can get together at Sturgis 70.

It's cool that you, Dave, and Ms.M went to find Fasthair's dead tree. Very cool.

Great photos too! :)

Webster World said...

Cool ride i must say. Yea he is an actor that is good at playing the BAD guy.

mq01 said...

thank you b.b.!! wow. im honored, flattered, grateful, and blessed. i feel truly privileged that you and dave shared it with me, i know it took a whole lot of heart and trust. kindred spirits dont come around often :) and im thankful we connected. im looking forward to getting together again soon. xoxo!!

Learning to Golf said...

And a very happy Panda he appears to be. Sounds and looks like it was a fun ride.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Re: the guy, He reminds me of a younger David Caridine.
(not sure about the spelling)

Glad you were able to hook up with some more blogger friends.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Awesome post! Glad you guys got to make the trip.

As far as the mystery man...
That's G.E. Smith. He fronted the Saturday Night Live band for several years. Fender guitar named a guitar after him a few years ago. Pretty cool that you guys ran into him.

B.B. said...

And the winner is.....Dean! Yes, it's George Smith. He was on Saturday Night Live for ten years, and was married to Gilda Radner for awhile. Now he and his wife have their own music company called "Green Mirror Music". He has played with some great bands, and he is just an awesome musician. It was a thrill to meet him in such a random setting, and he was such a cool guy.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

If MQ rides like she writes, it must be some pretty powerful poetry in motion.

It is great how some people who have never formally met can join together and experience something; a ride like that. Bravo!

Ann said...

I love it when you defile animal statues! Wish I could have been there! LOL!

B.B. said...

Steph- I am hoping against hope that I will be able to meet you next year in Sturgis...I think Dave has $5.00 saved so far. LOL

Webster, AHD, Mr. M, and Dean- It was a great day! My quest is to meet all my blogger friends in person! Could be the never ending quest, but that's okay!

Razor- I think poetry in motion is a good way to describe it.

Ann- I told the panda all about you....he wished you were there too! LOL

FLHX_Dave said...

Yeah it kicked ass. MQ can ride! She has a great spirit too.

That panda picture was just for you Ann!

The guy in the picture was the lead Guitarist for the Saturday Night Live band for ten years. George Smith.

Those horses didn't come over to check out my bike. They came over to check out your ass.

It was a great 700 mile day. I'm looking forward to burning it up again with MQ soon.

fasthair said...

Ms. BB: Glad you enjoyed finding my old tree. I would have loved to be a mouse in the corner when Ms. M told of what she had planned. When I click on the photos they don't enlarge :( Could you send me the one of the old dead tree please? Of course feel free to share any others you want.

So who's next to go find my old dead tree?


B.B. said...

Fasthair- It was an honor finding your old dead tree!
I'll have Dave email you the pics!

Baron's Life said...

I've read both your and mq01's great...glad you were able to meet up and put a face to the blog...makes it all worth it and shows that we are all real people....great post, thanks for sharing

Lady R (Di) said...

I thought I already commented here... but I must have been dreaming. Great post btw!!

I'm really back here again to see where you've been?

Hope everything is well... let us hear from you!

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