Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The journey begins

Ok everyone, here goes. I realize my page may be a little boring right now, but just give me some time ok.
I have done a lot of thinking the last few months and I have decided that I have spent enough time on the back of a bike. It is about time for me to move up front. This blog will be devoted to my journey from start to finish...ok maybe not finish, but how about from start to wherever it leads me.
I have been talking a lot lately about wanting to get my own bike, and of course now that I am really serious about it, I am going to have to wait due to financial reasons, oh well, what can you do. I am however going to take the basic riders course the end of next month. I am really looking forward to the course and just hope that I will love it as much as I think I will.
Just to give you a little bit of an idea how much I want to ride...I have been having dreams about it, seriously OK. In my dreams I feel like I'm flying, but my wheels are still on the ground. I love it, and can't wait for it to happen in real life. I also have been to visit "my bike" at the dealership about five times in the last week. She is a beauty. New '07 black 1200R. I didn't much care for her until I sat down and pulled her upright, and then it felt like we became one. Okay, I know maybe I am getting carried away, but I know from reading some of your posts, some of you can relate. I would love to just go and ride her off into the sunset, but being the responsible parent I am, I feel like taking care of my son's need to be sheltered, fed, and all that crap must come first. LOL. Anyway, if it is meant to be she will still be there when I am ready.
I look forward to sharing my experience with all of you, and hope you enjoy my road trip from start to wherever.....